Contemporary sculptures to be installed in Krasnodar in spring 2018

The Centre for Contemporary Art "Typography" has developed and presented to the Mayor of the city Evgeny Pervyshov the catalogue of installations and art-objects for assembling in public city spaces of the regional center. The authors of all works are the Krasnodar sculptors.

"Contemporary art has long been integral to the shape of the world metropolises. In Krasnodar it has not yet been. I see that our artists have done a great job. Together we will begin to embody your ideas this spring. In the next few days we will define the amount of finances that can be drawn from extra-budgetary sources, and you, on your part, choose the works which will become the first objects of contemporary sculpture in Krasnodar, and the places where they will be placed," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The Mayor of Krasnodar added that also the green areas and buildings surrounding grounds, which are to be landscaped in 2018 under the priority federal project "The formation of a comfortable urban environment", will be determined by the end of March. It is also possible to place contemporary art-objects there. During the meeting participants agreed that at the stage of landscaping projects design the representatives of the centre "Typography" will propose ideas of where to place sculptures or art-objects in the city.

Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art "Typography" Oleg Safronov presented location-based art-objects designed by the Krasnodar sculptors and artists. Overall he mentioned five green areas which was landscaped in 2017 — Molodezhny and Vishnyakovsky garden squares,  Dal'ny boulevard, square in front of Bulgaria cinema and the territory between Pervomaisky district court and Yekaterininsky wedding hall.      On each of the territories artists elaborated the positioning from 14 to 25 sculptures.

"First of all we examined the existing sculptures and hardscape elements, imagined the positioning of new ones and how they will look there. Then we got to drawings presented in the catalogue. We propose abstractive objects with no educational or instructive intent —  they are simply to create good humour and give  interesting and contemporary look to the city," said Oleg Safonov.

The catalogue includes totally 100 projects and alternative drawings that can be implemented in various parts of the city. Among them there are works of Valery Kazas, Victor Linsky, Eldar Ganeyev, Natalia Mashtalir, Roman Sankov.

The meeting participants also discussed the possibility to hold graffiti festival this spring, to make large-scape paintings at the walls, fences and other surfaces around the city. In the run-up to the FIFA football World Cup Evgeny Pervyshov proposed to choose this topic for paintings. The participants supported his idea. Krasnodar Mayor encharged the department of youth with a task to define the places in city where it is possible to make graffiti while the artists think of ideas for future paintings.