68.5% of voters took part in Russian presidential elections in Krasnodar

The results of the presidential elections held in Krasnodar Region on March 18 were summed up on Monday, March 19 at the conference chaired by the Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev. The Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov participated in the conference.

"Once again, Kuban had the confidence in Vladimir Putin. He was supported by 2 million 529 thousand voters. The residents of the region voted for a strong country, for stable, confident social and economic development. I would like to thank all those who showed citizen activism, who cares what the future of the country will be," said Veniamin Kondratiev.

The video-conference was attended by the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Region Yuri Burlachko, the Vice-Governors of Kuban, and Heads of municipalities of the Krasnodar Region.

As it was noted, the high voting turnout in presidential elections - 78% was marked in Krasnodar Region. This is the best indicator in the Southern Federal District. More than 81% of voters of the region supported the candidacy of Vladimir Putin.

In Krasnodar, the voting took place at 317 permanent polling stations. 68.5% of the Kuban capital residents voted - it is more than 500 thousand people. More than 78% of them voted for the current president.

"The elections were held in Krasnodar in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, the work of election commissions was organized at a high level. We have seen how active the citizens have taken part in the voting. I want to thank Krasnodar citizens for that. More than half a million residents of the regional capital came to the polling stations, and the absolute majority supported the current course on the development and strengthening of the country, and therefore – the development of our city and region," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

Over 15 thousand observers monitored the process of the voting in Krasnodar Region. At the polling stations there were more than 5 thousand observers from public chambers, about 1,5 thousand from political parties, over 8 thousand from candidates, as well as 18  international observers from different countries consisting of five delegations.

In Krasnodar, more than 10 thousand observers from different political parties and candidates' headquarters were at the polling stations.