Krasnodar celebrates Savior of the Apple Feast Day

Today all temples of the capital of Kuban hold ceremonial services dedicated to holiday of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

— Thousands citizens actively take part in ceremonial services; carry apples and other fruits in city temples to make them holy. Families come to parks and garden squares to participate in various festive arrangements, — the organizers said.

This holy day Metropolitan of Yekaterinodar and Kuban Isidor held the morning ceremonial moleben in Saint Catherine Cathedral of Krasnodar which was also participated by Archbishop of Argentina and South America Leonid who has begun his religious activity in Yekaterinodar eparchy many years ago.

The territory of the Holy Protection temple in Karasunskiy urban district became one of the main venues of this Feast Day. Hundreds people came here to eye and take part in ceremonial moleben, hallowing of apples and honey serviced by prior of the temple holy father John.

The festive event was participated by Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly deputies, Krasnodar Duma deputies and representatives of Karasunskiy urban district administration.

On August 19 Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the greatest Orthodox feasts — The Transfiguration of Christ. It is to the memory of the event happened on the mountain Tabor before his three disciples — Peter, Jacob and John. It is considered in Russia that The Transfiguration or Savior of the Apple Feast Day is the holiday of a new harvest, stable progress of life and welfare.

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