Alexander Karelin: "There are great prospects for the development of wrestling in Krasnodar"

Three-time Olympic champion met with the Mayor of the regional center Evgeny Pervyshov. During the meeting, the Mayor of Krasnodar and the guest of honor of the international Greco-Roman wrestling tournament of the memory of Ivan Poddubny, which is being held in the Palace of Sports "Olymp", discussed the development of children and youth sports in the capital of Kuban.

— Krasnodar is a city of sports, and we try to develop all the existing directions. For example, at the end of last year we opened the first municipal school of boxing and kickboxing. The city continuously develops a network of fitness centers where kids can play for free on a regular basis. In addition, we reserve areas throughout the city for the construction of new schools and complexes in order young citizens to have a wide choice of what sport to do, — said Evgeny Pervyshev.

The Mayor said that in the city sports are being developed with active participation of business representatives. The most vivid example is Sergey Galitsky.

Aleksandr Karelin noted that not only financial aspect is essential, but also ideological component. There are many sports teams of various kinds in Krasnodar, but at the same time there are not enough champion titles. It is important in every sport that someone to be an example showing that it is possible to become a world champion. During the conversation Alexander Karelin proposed that consideration might be given to the possibility of building a municipal centre of martial arts.

"Greco-Roman wrestling was one of the first Olympic sports, and in Krasnodar, as I noticed, people like it. I think that this kind of sport should be in secondary schools as facultative activities. It would be wonderful if a fully detached martial arts centre appear in Krasnodar. It will allow many citizens to realize themselves. At the opening of Grand Prix of memory of Ivan Poddubny I saw the stands full of people and felt the huge support of the spectators. Athletes from Norway, Brazil, Cuba are amazed with the impulsiveness of local people. This creates a lasting impression and makes the vibrant atmosphere," said Alexander Karelin.