Evgeny Pervyshov supported the idea of a basketball academy in Krasnodar

Head of Krasnodar met with general manager of Lokomotiv Kuban Basketball Club. In the course of the meeting Head of the city and general manager of leading basketball club of the South of Russia Aleksey Savrasenko discussed the development of both professional and mass basketball in the capital of Kuban.

As a fan I was interested in basketball when the NBA's first matches were aired in the nineties. I remember that legendary Chicago Bulls with its superstars. It was impossible to get off the screen. Ever since Lokomotiv Kuban moved to Krasnodar in 2009, I see how popular the team has become, how the number of fans and supporters is growing. I'm glad that there's such a big club in the city, games of which are interesting and exciting to watch, — Evgeny Pervyshov said.

During the conversation Head of the city supported the initiative to construct in Krasnodar the Academy of Lokomotiv Kuban Basketball Club. Aleksey Savrasenko explained that the club intends to implement a new reserve training system in Krasnodar.

In the first stage, basketball sections for pupils of 1-4 grades will be organized in the city's general education schools. The sections have already worked in 10 schools. In doing so, the club provides sections with sporting equipment and coaching personnel.

In the second phase, the project provides for the establishment of a specialized children's basketball Center of Lokomotiv Kuban for 650-700 seats with its own dormitory and health rehabilitation center.

Just during the meeting Head of the city offered several locations to host the club's Youth training Center. Evgeny Pervyshov noted that administration of Krasnodar would provide maximum assistance in determining the location for the training Center.

The city Head and the club chief also agreed to implement another joint initiative: coaches and players of the first team of Lokomotiv Kuban will hold open classes in schools of the city.

Also during the meeting Evgeny Pervyshov and Aleksey Savrasenko discussed the possibility of organizing an amateur basketball tournament under the auspices of Lokomotiv Kuban, in which teams of different ages can participate.

— It is great when professional clubs are interested in the development of mass sports. I stands ready to support the initiatives of Lokomotiv Kuban, because this will help solve several problems at once. The city will have another base where young citizens can engage in sports with the prospect of a professional career. Besides, this will attract more citizens into sports. In addition to raising new players, the club will certainly be more popular among Krasnodar citizens and will receive more loyal fans, — Evgeny Pervyshov said.

In the season-2016/17 Lokomotiv Kuban marks the 70th anniversary. Over the years, the club has gone from the basketball section for railroadmen in Mineralnye Vody to the Final Four of the most prestigious European tournament — Euroleague.

Lokomotiv Kuban is the most attended basketball club in Russia. In its system there are four youth and junior teams. The Loko school trainees are regularly selected for the national teams of different ages. Lokomotiv Kuban is the organizer of All-Russian children's tournament "Lokobasket — School League", which brings together more than 175 thousand participants from all over Russia.

In the season of 2012/2013 Lokomotiv Kuban became the winner of the European Cup, in 2016 won bronze medals of Euroleague, and in 2014/2015 was third in the Russian Championship (VTB United League).