Evgeny Pervyshov and artists of Krasnodar discussed the new street art projects

At the meeting, the Mayor of regional capital awarded the authors of street paintings created on the walls of city buildings before the opening of the World Cup. Also they discussed new projects of street art, which will be implemented in the regional center in the near future.

"Street art has become an important part of urban culture. In Krasnodar there are more and more street paintings — interesting, skillfully done, which makes our city beautiful and modern. Four of these paintings, dedicated to the major sporting event of the year — the World Cup, have been made on the facades of buildings at the beginning of June. I am grateful to the artists for great work done. I think that it is necessary to continue to develop street art, we are ready to support this direction of art at the territory of the regional capital," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The Mayor also added that it was nice to see the media responses that creation of Krasnodar's artist was duly appreciated by the Spain team defender Sergio Ramos. On his page in Instagram the famous football player published a picture of his graffiti portrait, signing it briefly: "Gracias!"