An industrial park will be created in the vicinity of Starokorsunskaya village in the suburbs of Krasnodar

A draft amendment to the City General Plan has been submitted to the public hearing. The corresponding decree was signed by the Mayor of the capital of Kuban Evgeny Pervyshov.

"The Starokorsunskiy Industrial Park is an investment site with an area of about 250 hectares. It will be provided with the necessary engineering and transportation infrastructure. This is a large-scale project. In the park territory there would be small and medium-sized business enterprises for processing, storage of agricultural products, food processing and other industries," said Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar Dmitry Logvinenko.

According to Deputy Mayor, the industrial park would consist of three functional areas — the social and business area, which would become a trade and exhibition center for exhibitions and forums at the regional and federal levels. There will be separately standing exhibition pavilions, a hotel, a farmer's fair and commercial facilities in the center with a total area of 170 ths. sq.m.. Warehouses, logistics terminals and distribution centres will be located in the utility and warehousing area.

The production area will include greenhouse farms and agro-processing enterprises.

At present, the land massive that is planned for the construction of the industrial park is free of real estate development. The area is limited with the railway, land designated for agricultural-use, the regional road Temryuk-Krasnodar-Kropotkin within the boundaries of Starokorsunskaya village and secondary road connecting Starokorsunskaya and Dinskaya villages.

In order to ensure transport accessibility, the project envisages the construction of a two-level transport junction and the reconstruction of existing access roads.

It is planned that the project will create totally more than 3 thousand jobs, mostly for the residents of Starokorsunskaya village and Lenina hamlet.