Vladimir Evlanov took part in primaries in Krasnodar

Today in the capital of Kuban as well as throughout the country there was preliminary voting to determine candidates for the upcoming elections of the Russian Federation State Duma deputies. Head of Krasnodar attended one of counting stations and participated in the voting.

— It is an important day for all of us. Primaries are an important step before elections to the Russian Federation State Duma which will be held in September. All candidates are dignified and worthy of respect persons. Preliminary voting allows displaying those ones who are most supported and trusted by electors, who are most suitable to represent interests of our city in the State Duma. Today there are a lot of questions in the capital of Kuban which could be resolved quicker if they were mentioned at the federal level. As for me, I’m ready to contribute in this regard as well, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

In the morning Head of Krasnodar visited a counting station in Regional house of education employees in Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 70, filled a ballot paper and dropped it into a voting box.

The primaries are held in Krasnodar in 57 counting stations, which opened at 8.00 and will close at 20.00. Preliminary inner-party voting may be participated by all city residents who reached 18 years.

The organizers remark that it is a rating voting. In other words everyone can choose one or several candidates in a ballot paper or even tick all the boxes in the list. The ballot papers will be valid in any case, regardless of the number of marked persons.

In Krasnodar the primaries are participated by candidates who are going to run for the State Duma elections on the basis of party lists and in two single-mandate electoral districts: 1) Krasnodar electoral district №46 composing of Western, Central and Karasunskiy urban districts of Krasnodar and Dinskaya village district; 2) Krasnoarmeiskiy electoral district №47 which includes Prikubanskiy urban district of Krasnodar.