The selection of volunteers to work at the FIFA World Cup 2018 started in Krasnodar

Beginning from November 21 volunteers are being selected to work in Krasnodar during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

"A large-scale event such as the FIFA World Cup is not possible without the participation of volunteers. Training centers will be organized for the participating teams and numerous guests will come in Krasnodar. By their cordiality and hospitality, devotion and well-organized work, Krasnodar's volunteers will be able to help to shape the positive image of our country among all participants of this great international sporting event," was said in the department of youth of the municipal administration.

According to information of the Chief of the department of youth Georgy Pronkin, many people wishing to participate as volunteers are expected. In the first day of acceptance of applications 14 persons submitted their questionnaires for participation. They are mostly students of Krasnodar universities.

The main criteria for selecting volunteers are: aged 17 or over, proficiency in English, residence in Krasnodar and teamwork skills. The previous experience with volunteering will be an additional benefit for the candidates.

The place of work of the city volunteers will be the major urban infrastructure used in the World Cup — the airport, the Krasnodar railway station, FC Krasnodar Stadium, FC Kuban Stadium, the Hilton hotel.

In February-March 2018, 120 candidates will be selected and will become the city volunteers.

The training of those selected will take place from April to May 2018. It will consist of three thematic parts:

  • "I am a volunteer of the FIFA World Cup!" — the stage of introduction into the volunteering activities and upcoming FIFA World Cup;
  • "My function" — the stage of obtaining the necessary functional knowledge;
  • "My team and my place of work" — volunteers will be trained in the field and given first-aid skills.

In total, about 15 000 volunteers will be involved in the FIFA World Cup 2018. 120 volunteers will work in Krasnodar.