During the Forum in Krasnodar Dmitry Medvedev announced the intention to continue financing the project on creating comfortable urban environment in 2018

The Chairman of the Russian political party United Russia, the President of the Government of the Russian Federation, addressed the plenary meeting of the All-Russian party Forum "Urban Environment" which was held in Krasnodar on 24 July.

"Having taken on the modernization of urban environment, we started an extensive work, which is not for one year, because much remains to be done. In a point of fact, we launch a new model for the development of Russian cities. The main goal is not square meters, but housing in a comfortable and modern environment that meets the requirements and approaches of the twenty-first century. The prettier and more comfortable the city is, the more highly skilled people go there, and those who grow up in this town don't want to leave. Investors are more willing to invest, tourism is developing and as a result people's lives are changing. There are more opportunities for personal fulfillment," said Dimitry Medvedev.

Dmitry Medvedev assessed the country's implementation of the United Russia party projects "The parks of small towns" and "Urban environment", and the priority federal project on creating comfortable urban environment in 2017. At that he emphasized that the program would be continued in 2018 with the same level of funding.

Before attending the All-Russian Forum "Urban Environment", the Chairman of the Russian Federation Government together with Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev and Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov also made an examining tour of the territory of Krasnodar, visited the well-landscaped Peoples' Friendship garden square.

The plenary meeting was the final event of the Forum's business program which was held in the exhibition and congress complex "Expograd Yug". The meeting participants summed up the work of four discussion platforms that took place in the morning. Krasnodar's experience in comprehensive landscaping in 2017 was presented at one of the platforms.

"The Forum aroused great interest. It showed what serious attention is now being paid at the federal level to the development of urban spaces and the creation of comfortable living conditions in municipalities. At present, in Krasnodar we are also actively implementing our program for the comprehensive improvement of backyards and public spaces within the framework of the federal priority project. Therefore, we change the approach to residential development with the focus on creating a comfortable environment. We are taking relevant measures in work with the developers. It’s most important that it has been decided to maintain the same level of funding for this federal project next year, allowing the regions and cities directly to plan the co-financing as well as to select the areas for improvements. This is a positive trend that, I am sure, will give impetus to the development of our cities," said Evgeny Pervyshov.