Krasnodar is getting ready for City Day celebrations

Festive events dedicated to the 223rd anniversary of the capital of Kuban will be held on 24 and 25 September. They will involve leading creative collectives and singers of Krasnodar. Preparations for the festivities were discussed during today’s working session in Krasnodar administration led by acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev.

— Krasnodar will be celebrating its birthday for two days. Concerts and street parties will cover almost the whole territory of the city. We should involve the entire creative potential of the city, keep the events at the highest organizational level, prepare them with participation and considering the opinion of non-governmental organizations and associations, public activists and representatives of territorial self-government bodies. Along with that we need pay special attention to the maintenance of public order, — Alexander Mikheev said.

The working session was participated by Deputy Heads of Krasnodar Liliana Yegorova, Ivan Repetenko and Konstantin Semernin, Heads of urban districts, chiefs of structural subdivisions of Krasnodar City administration.

Chief of the department of culture Tatiana Ruban told about the conception of festive events. She said that facing the City Day Krasnodar’s parks and garden squares will become concert venues and the city libraries will host creative festival meetings for all ages of readers. Festive events will also take place in all suburban settlements. There will be Days of townships, hamlets and villages with participation of local amateur creative collectives.

The last weekend of September will become a culmination of festive events.

Official reception of foreign delegations including ones from the sister-cities of Krasnodar will be held on the first day of celebrations. Also in regional Philharmonic there will be a solemn meeting during of which the most merited citizens of Krasnodar will be awarded with titles “Honourable citizen of Krasnodar City”, receive medals “For Merits” and honorary certificates of Krasnodar City administration and City Duma.

It is supposed that the first time in City Garden there will be a festival of Centre of ethnic cultures “Circle dance of friendship”.

Besides that the city will host an exhibition of gardeners, honey festival and exhibition fair of products of decorative and applied arts “Krasnodar souvenir”.

In the evening on the main square of the capital of Kuban — Theatre Square — there will be festive gala concert which traditionally attracts thousands citizens.

Onstage the best dancing and vocal collectives of the city and region, Kuban philharmonic orchestra will make their performances. Organizers note that the performance stage will be fitted with new light and music equipment, the performances will be accompanied with the laser show and all of this will be broadcast on big LED screens. The festive Saturday programme will be crowned with fireworks over Theatre Square.

On the next day, September 25, youth activities on Theatre Square will continue the festive program. More than 30 youth thematic grounds will start working.  Zhukov garden square will host a festive concert. It will be organized by members of “Center of patriotic education of youth”. There will be patriotic exhibition with items from Military Glory Hall.

Also traditionally the second day of celebrations is dedicated to Cossacks culture. In the morning on the Cathedral Square for young pupils of general schools of Krasnodar there will be a solemn ceremony of their admission to Cossacks.

In Yubileinyy microdistrict, by the side of the river Kuban there will be XII Festival of Cossacks culture “Cossacks’ Yekaterinodar”. The festival programme includes demonstration of Cossacks traditions, their everyday life and ritual ceremonies. Together with numerous creative collectives viewers will be able to look back at key milestones in the establishment and development of Yekaterinodar.