Vladimir Evlanov is awarded with Honourable Citizen of Krasnodar badge

In the course of solemn ceremony dedicated to City Day the most merited citizens were awarded with Honourable Citizen of Krasnodar badges, “For Merits” commemorative medals and Krasnodar City administration’s and Duma’s certificates of appreciation.

— This day traditionally we honour those ones who have made remarkable contribution to the development of our beautiful city, we also recognize the commitment of our foreign guests for evolvement of sister city relations, the whole labour collectives of healthcare and additional education institutions. This is your merit that Krasnodar has changed for the better over previous years, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

The solemn ceremony was participated by Metropolitan Isidore of Yekaterinodar and Kuban, members of the delegations from sister cities Karlsruhe (FRG), Harbin (P.R.China), Burgas (Bulgaria), Sukhum (Abkhazia), Yerevan (Armenia) and also delegations of French city Nancy and Austrian Wels, representatives of Crimea and the other regions of Russia, from cities and districts of Krasnodar Region. The event was also attended by Honourable Citizens of Krasnodar, Chiefs of the city enterprises and organizations, deputies of the City Duma and Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region.

— The award to best of the best on City Day is our good tradition. We therefore express gratitude to all people who contribute greatly to the development of Krasnodar and make it one of the best cities of Russia, — Chairwoman of Krasnodar City Duma Vera Galushko emphasized.

This year three persons are awarded with title “Honourable Citizen of Krasnodar” — Head of the city Vladimir Evlanov, advisor to director of instructional and experimental farm “Krasnodarskoe” Alexander Nosalenko, CEO of “Kubangruzservis” Viktor Timofeev.

Receiving this high title I would like to thank for high estimation of my work. This is our common merit, of all citizens, the award for our successes, for developing and exuberant Krasnodar. With all changes in my life I will continue to serve for the benefit of home Krasnodar, guard interests of the city at all levels, - Vladimir Evlanov said after having received Honourable Citizen of Krasnodar badge.