A solemn reception for Mother's Day was held in Krasnodar

Today, mothers raising children with disabilities, mothers of large families who are active in life were honored in Krasnodar's City Hall. The Chairwoman of the City Duma of Krasnodar Vera Galushko and Vice-Mayor of Krasnodar Liliana Yegorova held the reception.

"Among the many holidays in our country, Mother's Day occupies a special place. On this day, we say the words of sincere gratitude, appreciation and love to all mothers. It is motherhood — the great destiny of a woman — that makes her a pillar of family values, a guardian of the home sphere. You not only educate children, teach them good and justice, but also inspire the rising generation with the love for the native region and the country, raise real patriots and defenders of the Fatherland, take an active part in the public life of the city," said Vera Galushko.

The mothers participating the reception were also congratulated by Liliana Yegorova.

Mom is the most important word in the life of every human being. There are difficult moments in life when things are complicated, but mother always support and understand you," said Vice-Mayor of Krasnodar.

During the reception 20 women received thank-you letters and valuable gifts. Among them are Svetlana Kazantseva — the mother of seven children, five of whom are foster children. A widow Galina Shatova, who is caring for her daughter Margarita, the disabled of the first group, are also awarded. Her son Constantine graduated with high honors from the music school and enrolled in the Rostov College of Arts.

Among those who participated in the reception were mother Catherine Simora — precentor of the church choir of St. Pokrovskiy Temple. She is raising four children, and her choir ranked first in the regional Festival of church choirs. The thank-you letter was also presented to the hereditary Cossack woman, raising four children, Tatiana Djachina, as well as to a physician of the city health clinic No. 5 Olga Piven. She has two children, there is a disabled child in the family. Her purpose is to demonstrate to the urban community the possibility of successful integrating children with special developmental needs into a healthy child environment in the example of her own experience.

There are almost 9 000 families with many children, 1258 mothers raising 1524 foster children in Krasnodar.