French architects share their experience on creation of park and promenade areas at conference held in Krasnodar

The panel discussion on “Forming of comfort environment as growth driver for the city. Landscape architecture and urban design” was held as part of international conference opened today in regional exhibition center “Kuban EXPOCENTER”. One of the main topics became setting up of landscaped green areas within cities including a range of territories in Krasnodar. The discussion was participated by Krasnodar Head Vladimir Evlanov.

— Presently citizens as well as time itself make demands on the quality of urban environment and amenities. Now it is time for Krasnodar to apply professional solutions in the sphere of urban design and setting up of public spaces. We need, among other things, recreational areas landscaped in European style and created in concordance with the world trends. We have done a great deal in this direction which includes opening of the last stage of Krasnaya Street Boulevard, recreation of garden square near to Music Theatre. And today there are ambitious targets such as to improve the territory around Karasun ponds and the territory of Vishnyakovskiy garden square, to complete the reconstruction of Peoples’ Friendship garden square as well as implement many other projects which will be worked on with attraction of advanced world experience and community, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Along with that Krasnodar’s Mayor emphasized that as part of this conference there have already been a workshop on improvement of Kuban embankment and working seminar for organization of public space in Chistyakovskaya Grove with participation of lead qualification specialists including French landscape architects.

— I’m strongly convinced that all the above mentioned will result in significant practice effect and let our city become more landscaped and comfortable for living, — Vladimir Evlanov added.

Landscape architect Michel Pena (France), coordinator of social movement “The city solutions” and CEO of “Giskart” LLC Grigory Kornev, Chief architect of Krasnodar Igor Mazurok, Director of the Center for Urban Studies (Moscow) Svyatoslav Murunov, Adviser to the Head of Analytical Center affiliated to the government of the Russian Federation Nurali Rezvanov, Secretary-general of the International Federation of Landscape Architects Ilya Mochalov made their reports before the audience during the plenary session.

Michel Pena’s report was focused on the experience of landscape design and gardening in France. Particularly he singled out an example of already realized projects in Nice and Creteil (the city in the neighbor of Paris). One of them is the creation of promenade area in Nice of 20 kilometers long at the place of former parkings. About one million people have attended the place in the past year only.

— During several decades French city have worked on renovation. Our specialization is to create comfort urban environment. It is about greenbelts where people can get together, converse with each other, have a good time and children can walk barefooted. If we feel all right in urban environment then the quality of life is good. Today we want to demonstrate some examples of works that have been done in France, to talk about Krasnodar which is now at a developing stage and also we would like to accompany you. Krasnodar has great potential, — Michel Pena said.

Within his presentation Michel Pena shared experience in improvement of tram-lines around Paris where the space along both sides of tram-lines and between them had been planted with grass and trees. In such a way there is an effect that trams move amidst lawn or in a garden. This creates additional comfort for passengers.

— It is not only about laying lines but also creation a new landscape to make trips more pleasant. This will provide additional impetus to use public transport instead of private cars. In French cities we speak a lot of it and launch new tram-lines, — Michel Pena explained.

Additionally landscape architect demonstrated some original ideas and creative approaches to the organization of greenbelts and public spaces in French cities such as the creation of garden square on a station roof where “trees grow on concrete”, gardens at the place of former waste landfills and industrial territories, using vegetable gardens as leisure areas.

Separately Michel Pena told about yesterday’s workshop carried out for all interested people at Kuban embankment in Krasnodar. The workshop was focused on engineering solutions for landscaping of coastal strip where it is supposed to create the single promenade area.

— We’ve worked the whole day long, many people gathered there. We considered how it would be possible to transform this ambitious place without causing negative ecological consequences for the city. During the workshop we got many ideas and made drafts and sketches, — Michel Pena said.

— Today Krasnodar is dynamically developing city. We try to use the experience which we have got at organization of Olympic Games in Sochi to improve our city, its territories. We are in immediate contact with business entities and those ones who have believed in “new Krasnodar”, they are now pleased with changes, — Deputy Director of the department of architecture and city construction Vasily Gorbunov said in addition.