Krasnodar will be decorated with symbols of the 2018 World Cup

More than 1 thousand composite panels with the flags of Russia and Spain, panels with symbols of the World Cup will be installed in the city. Also, 120 volunteers will work to help foreign guests. The readiness of Krasnodar to the reception of the Spanish national team, Spanish fans and the upcoming World Cup were discussed at the meeting held by the Mayor of the city Evgeny Pervyshev.

"Of course, Krasnodar should provide maximum hospitality to all who come to us during the World Cup — the players, their families, fans, tourists. This is one of the main events of the year for our country, we must make every effort to make it success for Krasnodar, that all residents and visitors of the Kuban capital to feel involvement in a big sports event, — said Evgeny Pervyshev.

The meeting was attended by Vice Mayor of the city Sergey Luzinov, Chief of the department of physical training and sports Anatoly Miroshnikov, other chiefs of the departments and structural subdivisions of the city administration.

As it was mentioned at the meeting, the Spanish national team arrives on June 7, footballers will be accommodated at the Academy of FC Krasnodar. Specialists complete development of the scheme of the team routes, bilingual navigation patterns for places of attractions in the city, traffic signs indicating the stadium of FC Krasnodar, signage at stops of public transport.

One thousand special signs with the flags of Spain and Russia, as well as composite images with the symbols of the 2018 football World Cup will be installed along the guest highways and the Spanish team routes.  The design has already been developed.  Now the structures are being manufactured. In addition, for visitors the city will be equipped with more than 100 multilingual signs of pedestrian navigation. Also, the public transport stops will be provided with the route map in two languages. The development of such maps is in the final stage now.

120 volunteers will help the foreign guests. From 09.00 to 21.00 they will be on duty in 12 places of the city — the airport, railway station, Zhukov garden square, to the address Krasnaya Street 3, the stadium of FC Krasnodar, Theatre Square, shopping and entertainment center gallery Krasnodar, Avrora cinema, the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, Sunny island, Chistyakovskaya grove and the City garden.

This coming Saturday, April 28, at 14.00 at Theatre Square there will be the flag handover ceremony — the symbol of the action, which is held in cities and districts of the region under the slogan "The Road to the football World Cup".

Also at the meeting participants discussed the issues of transport and healthcare services, landscaping, safety measures, availability of hotel stock in the city.