Krasnodar landscapers got down to an active work

In the run-up to spring and summer season Kuban capital landscapers proceeded with forming of woodland of the city with using state-of-the-art landscaping solutions.

— Springtime is a critical time for landscapers: there is a great deal of things to do; we need plant trees of valuable species, coniferous compositions and abundance of flowers, — Deputy Chief of the department of communal services, Chief of subdivision for flower-gardening, beautification and landscape design Isa Chingariev said.

Among the latest landscaping solutions practised by companies in Krasnodar are planting greenery in containers, creation of garden-beds from glass units, planting ingenious coniferous compositions at streets, parks and garden squares, at road junctions. They also make use of other countries’ experience in creation of flower compositions for urban quarters. Examples of these include new green decorative design of Lenina Street in section from railway station to Levanevskogo Street, split-level green spaces in People’s Friendship garden square in Mira Street.

According to Isa Chingariev, currently specialists fulfil cutting of trees, forming of lawns, hoeing of land parcels for green space, plant nutrition, anti-insects treatment of trees and bushes. Now, planted in the past year tulips, biennials and violas are bursting into bloom in garden-beds around the city.

In the end of April on their place petunias, tagetises, hibiscuses and coleuses will be planted. Totally about 1 million flowers will be planted in Krasnodar.

Beyond that, on the threshold of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, all urban districts of Krasnodar began the first stage of trees nurslings planting within the scope of all-Russian project “The Victory forest” which is being implemented upon an initiative of national ecological non-governmental movement “Green Russia”.

At the present time we carry out the selection of places for planting new trees and bushes, coniferous compositions comprising of both vertical and horizontal plants. Setting lindens, maples, decorative canoe woods will be proceeded.

The work on greening of Krasnodar is carried out as part of municipal target program “A green belt and flower dress of Krasnodar” and regional program “Capital city image to Krasnodar”.          

Today there are 12,3 square meters of green space per one citizen in Krasnodar.

In 2014 fifteen thousand nurslings of new trees including eight thousand of lindens, maples, oaks, black walnuts, ashes and other species were planted.