Vladimir Evlanov: In the first half of the year the share of Krasnodar in regional consolidated budget exceeded 35 billion roubles

An execution of the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region in the first half of 2015 and possible measures to increase budget revenues were discussed today during regional session held by temporary acting Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. Vladimir Evlanov made a report on Krasnodar’s contribution into regional treasury in six months of this year.

— Regional economy as well as the state’s economy in whole faces challenging times. Despite stabilization measures a number of branches are still in recession. There is falling of real incomes of regional population. It is not the same as severe crisis of 2009 but certainly there is no reason to rejoice. To ensure the execution of regional budget to the full extent in this year it is required from all present here to use best endeavours. Herewith we should realize that everyone here is to a greater or lesser degree interested in fate of regional population and has to feel personal responsibility for the welfare of every Kuban family, — Veniamin Kondratiev said.

The session held in administration of Krasnodar Region was participated by Vice-Governor of Kuban and Minister of Finance Ivan Peronko, chiefs of regional departments of the oversight bodies — revenue service and court bailiffs service, Heads of cities and districts of the region.

In the first half of 2015 revenues of regional budget accounted to 94,5 billion roubles. We need to attract nearly 115 billion roubles more in order to reach target values by the end of the year. For that reason Veniamin Kondratiev ordered to employ all existing capacities. We need firstly to reduce arrears in tax and non-tax levies. In total taxpayers are indebted to the regional budget nearly 12 billion roubles.

Veniamin Kondratiev emphasized that in the actual situation when budgets of all levels are under pressure the priority in work of municipalities is the ensuring of growth in incomes, spending optimization, gradual debt load reducing and strict control of budgetary funds spending.

— Every budgetary rouble should be used with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Along with that primarily we are to ensure the execution of social commitment – this is the guarantee of stable life of Kuban people. The social sphere costs will not be reduced under any circumstances. Indeed, we are ready to give up on some projects, but sphere of public and social services is maximally protected. Residents of the region and quality of their lives are most important and of high priority for us, — Veniamin Kondratiev underlined.

Temporary acting Governor of Kuban entrusted regional municipalities with a range of tasks on mobilization of revenues into consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region. Particularly, it is required to cut out the amount of an employee's salary received under the table that substantially affects collection of tax on individual person’s income. Another reserve for municipalities is a property tax (transport, land etc) — people have also debts in it.

During the working meeting great attention was paid to execution of Krasnodar’s budget share of which is nearly 40 percent of consolidated regional budget.

At the session Vladimir Evlanov told that in the course of six months of 2015 consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region received 35,3 billion roubles from Krasnodar’s taxpayers that is by 2,5 billion roubles or 7,7 percent more than in 2014.

— I think that it is of major importance that in current difficult economic situation we have managed to fuel the growth of payments into regional treasury by 2,5 billion roubles compared with the same period of the past year, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

In the first half of 2015 own revenues of local budget of Krasnodar accounted to 5,9 billion roubles or 40,2 percent to the approved yearly plan. Income growth rate from the beginning of this year made 101,8 percent to the level of 2014.  

Head of Krasnodar stated that taking into account the tasks set administration of the capital of Kuban continues focused effort on execution of consolidated regional budget in 2015. There is constant interaction between tax authorities, low-enforcement agencies and other controlling bodies. In particular, the tax inspection and post offices do joint work on delivering tax notices to citizens.

We take measures for tax repayments. On a regular basis, chiefs of enterprises which have accumulated tax debts in local and regional budgets are listened at sessions of municipal and district inter-departmental commissions. The chiefs are subjected to enforcement actions prescribed by the law.

In the result of work done for six months of this year uncollected taxes in consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region  have reduced by 243 million roubles or 7,3%, in municipal budget — by 106 million roubles or 10,9%.

— Today administration of Krasnodar faces many serious challenges. First of all we need to continue implementation of the most important social programs, particularly – until the end of the year to open 10 thousand new places in kindergartens and to continue the construction of schools and the extensions to existing educational institutions in order to accommodate the totality of children. During the last session of Krasnodar city Duma we have reallocated 588 million roubles for these purposes, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Within the meeting there were also speakings of Vice-Governor of Kuban Ivan Peronko, representatives of oversight bodies and Heads of municipalities which have worsening of financial contribution into consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region in the first half of this year.