The Head of Krasnodar took part in a bicycle race

Today the first mass bicycle race with nearly 150 participants took place in the capital of Kuban. One of the participants in the race was Evgeny Pervyshov.

— Our main task is to show that a bicycle has the right to exist as a separate and eco-friendly mode of transport, not just as a sporting discipline or transport exclusively for the elderly people, — the organizer of VeloKrasnodar group Konstantin Trudik said.

Together with the Head of Krasnodar, his Deputy Sergey Luzinov and Chief of the department of youth Georgy Pronkin took part in the race.

The race started at 1 p.m. on the Theatre Square. The total distance was 5 km. The participants rode from the square to Aurora cinema and back.

As Konstantin Trudik told, the trip is intended to be the some kind of rehearsal for a larger mass race to be held in the capital of Kuban on August 26.