Evgeny Pervyshov held a meeting with the delegation of Wels (Austria)

A formal reception of the Austrian city of Wels representatives was held in the administration of the capital of Kuban. At the end of October this year the cities signed a memorandum of intent and partnership.

"Together with you we have determined that we will develop cooperation in the fields of economy, public utilities, exhibition, agriculture, education, youth policy and culture. And your return visit is the best proof of the seriousness of our intentions. I'm confident that the memorandum of intent and partnership of the cities, which we have signed, will be the beginning of a great and strong friendship and fruitful cooperation between our cities," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The delegation of Wels arrived in Krasnodar in the extended format. In addition to the officials, the delegation included representatives of the Economic Chamber and business community of the Austrian city. The delegation was composed of Vice-Burgomaster Gerhard Kroiß, Vice-Burgomaster Christa Raggl-Mühlberger, the President of the Wels Economic Chamber, the director of the Resch&Frisch Company Josef Resch, the President of the exhibition company of Wels Herman Wimmer.

I hope the autumn Krasnodar has greeted you with warmth and hospitality, and you will appreciate our city, which is dynamically developing, investment-friendly for business and comfortable for life," said the Chairwoman of the City Duma of Krasnodar Vera Galushko.

The delegation's program of visit includes a visiting of agricultural machine-building factory of the German company CLAAS, Krasnodar Bakery No. 6, and participating in the international agricultural exhibition "YUGAGRO".

"We were interested in getting acquainted with your city. And we see that the city has a lot in common with Wels. These include large agricultural exhibitions in both cities, they are located in scenic spots, near mountains and seas. It is particularly gratifying for us to see that you are interested not only in economic contacts but also in the culture and history of Wels," said Gerhard Kroiß.

At the end of the reception, Evgeny Pervyshov introduced foreign guests to the city's Public Safety Answering Point which is situated in the Krasnodar administration. The Mayor of the city explained that there were many on-line cameras installed throughout the city on the street and road network. They allow for round-the-clock monitoring of the current city situation, including traffic, sanitary conditions of the territories, to take prompt action in the event of a malfunction in the system of housing and communal services, in cases of road traffic accidents, breaching public order, to eliminate the consequences of bad weather and to obtain other information.

At the end of October, as part of a working visit to Austria, the Krasnodar delegation headed by Evgeny Pervyshov visited Wels, where they had meetings with the President of the exhibition company of the city, leaders of large Austrian companies.

The outcome of the visit to Austria was the signing of a memorandum of intent and partnership of cities with the signatures of Evgeny Pervyshov and the Mayor of Wels Dr. Andreas Rabl. It was decided at that time that the return visit of the delegation of the city of Wels would take place at the end of November.