Art exhibition “Cleanliness and naivety of the Russian Art Brut” opened in Krasnodar

Today art exhibition “Cleanliness and naivety of the Russian Art Brut” opened in the foyer of municipal concert hall. The opening ceremony was participated by Deputy Head of Krasnodar Tatiana Sinyugina.

— It is good that we succeeded in organization of such an exhibition and citizens of our city have the possibility to visit it. Surely, the acceptance of such products requires certain mood and knowing. Krasnodar and its citizens need such exhibitions, — Tatiana Sinyugina said. Deputy Chairperson of Krasnodar City Duma Tatiana Gelunenko and Chief of the department of culture Tatiana Ruban also came to look at paintings and interact with the artists.

Nearly 30 pieces of art were presented at the exhibition. Their authors are the six participants of creative association “Naive artists of Kuban”. Tatiana Sinyugina and Tatiana Gelunenko got acquainted with the exhibited paintings, conversed with authors of the works as well as founder and artistic director of the group “Naive artists of Kuban” Pavel Babenko.

He said that the group’s some works have been exposed at art exhibitions in Moscow, an array of paintings are in the collection of Krasnodar Regional art museum of Kovalenko.

— This is your thoughts, feelings, your creativeness, something unique and unparalleled. On behalf of municipal deputies of Krasnodar I would like to thank everybody who participates in it and does one’s best to support gifted persons of our city. Good luck to you in the creative work! — Tatiana Gelunenko said.

The Art Brut is an artistic movement in European art of mid-20th century, the founder and leader of which is French artist Jean Dubuffet. He built up a concept of “clean art” that denies the beauty and harmony. The movement often involves people with various psychiatric deviations.   

The exhibition is organized with the assistance of administration of Krasnodar municipality.