Shopping mall Krasnaya Ploschad was checked for the fire safety in Krasnodar

Control fire-tactical training exercises, which are held in all shopping and entertainment centers of the city, completed in shopping mall Krasnaya Ploschad. The Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov participated in training activities.

"As in the whole region, the inspections of shopping and entertainment centers are being  continued in Krasnodar. The safety of residents and visitors of the city is in the first place for us. The task of such exercises is to check once again both the object itself and the actions of the personnel, the efficiency of the rescue services, to make possible remarks and work them over," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The Minister of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of Krasnodar Region Sergey Kapustin, Chief of the fire suppression control of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for Krasnodar Region Konstantin Ratiani, Сhief of the department of сivil protection of Krasnodar administration Vasily Kramarenko, representatives of supervisory bodies took part in the monitoring activities.

During the exercises they inspected the central dispatch room of the mall, checked the operating procedures of employees in the event of an emergency, the performance of equipment, the number of attendants on the floors and at the entrances to the building, the efficiency of the call of firefighters and the actions of the personnel in localization of conventional fire - under the terms of exercises it occurred in one of the cinema halls on the 3rd floor of the building. As the exercises showed, the time of evacuation of visitors and employees of the largest shopping and entertainment mall of Krasnodar took 13 minutes, extinguishing of a conventional fire took less than 2 minutes.

Currently there are 11 major shopping and entertainment centers in the capital of Kuban – SBS Megamall, Gallery Krasnodar, Krasnaya Ploschad, OZ Mall, Galaxy, Meridian, City Center, New Horizon, Park Europe, Levels and Carnival.