Evgeny Pervyshov signed the international declaration on energy efficiency

Today, in the framework of the 14th Conference of Russian and German Partner Cities, Krasnodar officially joined the international declaration on energy efficiency and sustainable urban development, which has already been supported by 29 cities around the world.

"Urban development and energy efficiency issues are now at the forefront. According to world statistics, some 53% of the population live in cities. In Russia the indicator is even higher — 75% of urban population. This requires a rational approach to the consumption of energy resources. Currently the principles of energy efficiency in our country are not fully realized, while they could save at least 1 trillion roubles per year. The accession of the Russian cities to the international declaration of energy efficiency is a recognition of our willingness to go in this direction," said Head of the Department of projects management and support of activities of the Ministry of Energy of the RF Dmitry Zubov.

The signing of the declaration was held during the thematic section "Energy efficiency and sustainable urban development: the dialogue of the federal and municipal authorities" of the working group "Hands-on experience and prospects for municipal cooperation", in the presence of representatives of the German Energy Agency, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Along with Krasnodar, the declaration was also joined by the city of Suzdal. Evgeny Pervyshov and the Mayor of Suzdal Sergey Sakharov signed the document.

Previously, 29 cities from Russia and other countries of the world had signed the international declaration on energy efficiency and sustainable urban development. Among them there are cities from England, Germany, Italy, Hungary, South Africa, Greece, Slovakia and Indonesia.

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