Alexander Tkachev declared 2014 to be a year of Krasnodar

Celebrations of 220th anniversary of Kuban capital was finished with 6 hours concert program on the main square of Krasnodar. Alexander Tkachev and Vladimir Evlanov congratulated Krasnodar citizens with jubilee of regional center.

— I have just returned from Sochi and there in a nippy weather I felt incoming Olympiad. The Games have given Sochi a great deal. However all of us undoubtedly want the capital of our region to become the best city all over the world. So I declare the next year to be a Year of Krasnodar. All experience that we have got in Sochi and all our efforts will be directed to the development of regional centre and solving of its problems. Let’s do our best to make our city comfortable for live, work, foundation of families and bearing of children! — Alexander Tkachev said.

Kuban Governor informed about plans regarding construction of a new stadium for 45 thousand seats which will be situated along Dzerzhinskogo Street and other projects that will be started in Krasnodar the nest year.

Head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov also spoke in the course of this celebratory concert.

— Beginning from the morning festive events took place on the square ant this concert is the final point for all celebrations devoted to City Day. The concert is a gift of Alexander Tkachev to all citizens! With assistance of regional authorities we realize many ideas in our city. Regional program “Capital city image to Krasnodar” has been accepted and now is being successfully implemented. We expect large-scale projects which will be surely realized. And now again let’s declare our love to our beautiful city, wish to each other happiness, good luck, strong health and love! – Mayor of Krasnodar said.

Some dozens of citizens attended the concert at Theatre Square. During six hours popular groups and singers appeared on stage — vocal-instrumental ensembles “Pesniary”, “Samotsvety”, “Tsvety”, and pop group “Mirage”, Yuri Shatunov. Performance of legendary Yuri Antonov became the high point of the evening.

— We have visited your city many times and we see how it has been changes, become more beautiful, how many youth is here. Congratulate all of you on this holiday! — singer said and performed some of his hit songs.

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