Veniamin Kondratiev estimated Krasnodar’s presentation at Forum “Sochi-2016”

Today going over exhibition pavilions of XV International Investment Forum in Sochi Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev estimated an exposition of Krasnodar Region which among others included Krasnodar’s stand. Veniamin Kondratiev got acquainted with one of presented projects — the reconstruction of Avrora cinema.

— Krasnodar is the capital of the region and deserves particular attention. The city development should be permanently backed by government and private investments as well. In this respect today’s Forum is an excellent opportunity to attract new resources, — Veniamin Kondratiev said.

Particular features of Krasnodar's exposition at Forum “Sochi-2016” were presented to Kuban Governor by director of Krasnodar administration department of economic development, investments and external affairs Elena Vasilchenko. This year computer technologies and state-of-the-art multimedia features are used instead miniatures and projects. Main information is displayed at big 3x4 meters screen. Via the screen Veniamin Kondratiev examined the project of Avrora cinema reconstruction. The reconstruction stipulates renovating the interior, re-equipment of two cinema halls and landscaping the adjacent territory.

Elena Vasilchenko noted that the project of Avrora cinema reconstruction can be implemented under concessionary agreement in terms of public private partnership. Such a practice is being built up in the city. The specialists state that the presented project is an example of attracting investments for a rather long period of time. According to the calculations, the payback period of the project is nearly 15 years, investment agreement is supposed to be concluded for a long period in order to raise the attractiveness of the project. Veniamin Kondratiev remarked that Avrora cinema is a landmark object for Krasnodar, so it requires careful design.

Kuban Governor also stopped at interactive installation “Open your Krasnodar” that was also included in the presentation of the capital of Kuban. Veniamin Kondratiev opened the door that allowed guests and participants of the Forum to have a look at Krasnodar streets online. A resident of regional center greeted Veniamin Kondratiev through the door.