On the results of 2017 Krasnodar increased revenues to the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region by more than 8 billion rubles

At the working meeting in the city administration, which was chaired by the Mayor of the regional center Evgeny Pervyshov, participants summed up the financial results of 2017. They discussed the implementation of the plan of income mobilization in the local budget and the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region.

"Last year we had good dynamics in collection of taxes, the local tax budget was fulfilled by 100 percent, Krasnodar significantly increased revenues to the consolidated budget of Krasnodar Region. These results show that our economy, small and medium businesses are developing," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

According to the deputy Director of the department of finances Irina Lazareva, in 2017 the local budget received 14.6 billion rubles of own revenues and the tax plan was fully executed. Krasnodar transferred 88.3 bln rubles in the consolidated budget of the region — the plan was exceeded by 427 mln rubles. And in comparison with 2016, the regional treasury received from the city 8.2 billion rubles more. The share of revenues from the taxpayers of the capital of Kuban in the consolidated budget of the region was 37.1%.

"An important outcome of the past year is that we have financed all the basic expenses, while there was practically no sale of municipal property. This means that the city has learned to live without the privatization of property and assets, and this is a big plus. We collect taxes more effectively and in financial terms we look to tax sources. As for municipal property, we will continue to adhere to the principle that it should be used first of all to solve urban problems and to place social facilities. The sale of municipal land and premises is of a least priority," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The largest share in the income structure of the city budget in 2017 was personal income tax — 52.9%, land tax — 12.1%, personal property tax — 7.2%, land rentals — 6.9%, tax on the profit of organizations — 3.4% and tax on total income — 2.8%.

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