Krasnodar celebrates All-Russian Olympic day

This event coincides with a big sporting festival, which takes place on Saturday, June 30 near the Palace of sports "Olymp", on the foreshore and in the waters of the riverboat yard. It is attended by over 750 people, including trainees of children's sports schools of the city.

"The summer is a special time, Krasnodar hosts a lot of sports events, different activities for young citizens. We also tried to make the all-Russian Olympic day festival vivid and interesting to the young people of our city, in order they could choose something for the soul, for having a good time," said Chief of the department of physical training and sports Anatoly Miroshnikov.

The sports festival program on the All-Russian Olympic day is diverse. In the square before the Palace of sports and along the banks of the riverboat yard there were deployed 20 grounds, including for team sports and for reaching qualifying GTO standards.

Young athletes of rhythmic gymnastics made an exhibition performance, the instructors of Krasnodar clubs held for all comers a master class of the dance fitness program ZUMBA.

The festival also included the opening of new wake-park. At the initiative of the regional wakeboarding federation it is equipped from the side of 30th anniversary of Victory Park. On the banks there is a rope towing installation. The first day everyone could try to ride on water on a board, holding the rope.

All-Russian Olympic day is held in the country for the 29th time. Every year it is dedicated to a major sporting event. This year it is the Youth Olympic games in Argentinean Buenos Aires.

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