The Mayor of Krasnodar: New schools in Lenin hamlet and Gubernskiy microdistrict of Krasnodar are vivid examples of modern standards in education

On the eve of the opening day the Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev visited a new school for 1000 seats in one shift in Narimanovskaya Street of Lenin hamlet. Together with the Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov he appreciated the readiness of the classrooms and surrounding area to start the educational process.

"School in the hamlet of Lenin is the achievement of modern Kuban and example of how an educational establishment should look today. There are all conditions that will help children to discover their talents, learn to think, grow intellectually and physically, and start to learn professions that will help them to decide on the scope of activities in the future," said Veniamin Kondratiev.

The school was also attended by Vice-Governor of Kuban Anna Minkova and Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar Liliana Yegorova.

The area of the new school is 24 thousand square meters. It consists of 5 buildings, which includes units of primary, middle and senior school, the administrative unit, the sports facility, catering facility, library with reading hall, assembly hall.

Director of school No. 61 Elena Zhirma together with Veniamin Kondratiev and Evgeny Pervyshova walked around the school. She also said that the school No. 61 moves to the new premises from the small old building that could no longer accommodate all the pupils, and that required major repairs and upgrade of the capabilities.

The Governor of Kuban and the Mayor of Krasnodar had a look at reading hall and library, assembly hall, medical unit, classrooms of various subjects, language room for the foreign languages, spacious dining room for 600 seats. All the rooms are made in soft light colours, which was chosen by the school staff and the contractor at the finishing stage.

"In our old building we only had the lunchroom, and here there is a full-featured catering facility with a large dining room having two entrances — for primary school and senior pupils, the streams of children will not interfere," said Elena Zhirma.

Classrooms are fully equipped with furniture and teaching aids. In the block of primary school desks and chairs are adjustable in the growth of pupils. As noted by Liliana Yegorova, seven first classes have been already formed here. Totally on September 1, 2018, the new school will welcome more than 1 800 pupils.

The pride of the educational institution — labour classrooms. Here there are various machine-tools — drilling machine, spindle moulder, turning lathe etc. There are tools of different types.

The Governor of Kuban and Krasnodar's Mayor also appreciated the modern sports block. The school has a gymnasium, exercise room and fitness facility, at the surrounding area there is modern stadium with running tracks and all necessary infrastructure.

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