Krasnodar sportswoman became the World Workout Champion

An athlete from Krasnodar, a member of the Russian team FSC TEAM, Galina Sidorenko ranked first in the 7th World Workout Championship. The competition took place on July 29 at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

"Workout is one of the most democratic sports, and not without reason it has been gaining popularity and bringing together more young athletes. It popularizes playground sports, forms a culture of healthy lifestyle," was commented in municipal department of physical culture and sports.

On 29 July, more than 50 sites for various sports were opened at the Luzhniki Stadium. The 7th World Workout Championship took a center stage.

Over two minutes performance each athlete demonstrated one's skill in "freestyle". The judges evaluated both static and dynamic elements, as well as combinations of movements — compound series of elements on the bar or on skids.

More than 60 men and 15 women from over 60 countries were fighting for the rank of the best. They are athletes who qualified for the world championships after winning national contests.

Multi-titled athletes from Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria, the reigning world champion Payam Hassanejad (Iran) came to Moscow. In the Championship, Russia was represented, except Galina Sidorenko, by Natalia Maleyeva, Nikita Shvansky and Musakaj Musakaev.

The judging panel included judges from Norway, Latvia, Russia, Republic of South Africa and Spain.