Krasnodar Saturn plant provides the State Corporation Roscosmos with rechargeable batteries for 100%

The Mayor of the capital of Kuban Evgeny Pervyshov visited one of the leading industrial enterprises in the city — PAO Saturn. It produces solar and rechargeable batteries for space-flight units. The Mayor discussed with the plant management the prospects for expanding of its production.

"Saturn is one of the few enterprises in the city that has not only preserved but also raised technological and economic potential, and this is worth a lot. Such modern high-precision production is important for the city's economy. For our part, we are ready to support all the plans to develop and utilize the enterprise's best practices, including in the field of municipal infrastructure. These are new jobs, a broadening of the tax base, and thus more opportunities for the development of Krasnodar and, ultimately, an improvement in the quality of life of the townspeople," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

As the Saturn plant Director-General Sergey Likhonosov described, the plant had been established in 1964 as an enterprise for the development of physical and chemical sources of current for spacecrafts. Today, it specializes in the production of solar and rechargeable batteries for almost all nationally produced spacecrafts.

Saturn provides half of the requirements in solar batteries and 100% of rechargeable batteries for the State Corporation Roscosmos. It participates in large-scale space programmes such as GLONASS, ISS, Luna Globe, Luna-Resource, Intergeliozond, and Digital Earth.

The chief designer Vladimir Bitkov showed Evgeny Pervyshov the pant premises. They had a look at the facilities for the production of rechargeable batteries, solar cells and solar batteries, a workshop where mechanical, climatic and thermal vacuum testing of the manufactured products are performed.

In particular, there is a special installation — some sort of a solar illumination simulator in orbit. With its help in one second it is possible to check the characteristics of the manufactured solar cells.

Evgeny Pervyshov asked what was the situation regarding the personnel at the enterprise. According to Sergey Likhonosov, most of the staff were graduates of the country's leading technical universities, and many came to work from other regions. The plant has a system for training the personnel reserve, there are targeted training program and social support measures.

To date, there are about 1100 people in the enterprise, about 400 of them specialists in engineering and technological departments. The average wage is approximately 45 thousand rubles.

Following the tour around the enterprise Evgeny Pervyshov discussed with management of Saturn the prospects for the development of the production as well as the possibility of using its technologies, in particular, the power supply systems for the needs of Krasnodar. Especially it is mostly required in the sphere of communal services.

PAO Saturn is a developer and producer of solar and rechargeable batteries for spacecrafts, control and measuring equipment, autonomous PV photovoltaic systems. The products of Saturn are used in all types of near-earth orbits and in far-space conditions. Over the years, the plant equipped more than 1200 satellites with solar and rechargeable batteries.