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Karasunskiy urban district

Historical background

Administration of Karasunskiy urban district is a territorial body of Krasnodar city municipal formation administration. This district territory is 152 square kilometers.

This bountiful land has been already cultivated by Cossack emigrators beginning from 1793. New houses began to be constructed and then new temples, pharmacies, small shops, shadowy parks compounded new streets.

There were bloomy gardens on today′s Karasunskiy district territory 100 year ago. Now former periphery meets guests of the city who move in Krasnodar from the direction of airport by grandeur of Komsomolskiy and Gidrostroitel housing developments. Pashkovsky and Starokorsunskaya village administrations are situated within district′s boundaries.

By now 486 streets and alleys are within the territory of Karasunskiy district and about 239 thousand people live here. It significantly exceeds population amount of many Kuban cities. Our neighbors are Central and Prikubanskiy urban districts, Dinskaya district and from the southern side over Kuban river are Teuchezhskiy district of Adygea republic.

Karasunskiy district is multinational one. Four national Diasporas are registered here and the biggest of them is Armenian one that accounts for more than 7 thousand people. Yazidi community with population merely 45 people attracted an attention by their indigenous traditions. They compactly reside in Lenin farm.

Another good tradition is resumed. Karasunskiy urban district proceeded interaction with Adygeisk city.

System of territorial public self government is formed and works in the district. It includes house and street committees, community-based meetings of citizens.

Educational system of the district numbers 17 higher educational establishments and academies, 35 secondary general education schools, and 45educational pre-school institutions.

There are 29 health care facilities on the district territory.