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Prikubanskiy urban district

Historical background

Today′s Prikubanskiy urban district takes the largest territory among all urban districts of Krasnodar — 474 square kilometers.

The district is represented with almost all branches of manufacture: industry, building and transport spheres, and agricultural branch takes here the leading position.

Presently industrial and transportation complex is a dynamically developing branch including about 30 large and medium industrial enterprises which yield qualitative and rival products by means of carrying out of active marketing policy and use of innovation technologies. These products are in requisition in domestic and export market as well.

Agricultural enterprises specialize in output of plant-growing, animal agriculture, vegetable and fruit farming products and also in its processing. 14 large and 18 small-scale agricultural enterprises are occupied in production and processing.

High production rate is achieved due to success activities of Kuban State Agrarian University and 9 scientific research institutes of the branch. Their projects are successfully applied not only in Prikubanskiy district but also in Kuban and Russia.

There are more than 500 peasant farm enterprises that compound 60% of all agricultural industry in Krasnodar.

The district actively gets involved in realization of the concept regarding large scale reconstruction and housing development. Housing development projects have provision for obligatory availability of social and cultural infrastructure with convenient road interchanges.

Consumer sphere of the district consists from 2500 enterprises including about 1000 retail establishments, over 700 wholesale enterprises, 8 market places, nearly 500 consumer service enterprises, 300 maintenance-and-repair auto stations and 250 public catering facilities. There are also big commercial enterprises: shopping and entertainment “Krasnaya Ploschad”, “METRO”, “Baucenter” and other.

Prikubanskiy district is also the leader in city by number of health care facilities. Among them: Regional clinical hospital №1 n.a. S.V. Ochapovsky that comprises Chest surgery center (cardiological center); interbranch scientific and technical complex Krasnodar “Eye microsurgery” n.a. Svyatoslav Fedorov, 10 municipal polyclinics and other facilities.

The main fortune of Prikubanskiy district is its people — talented, laborious, sincerely loving their small motherland!  By now population of Prikubanskiy urban district is over 260 thousand people. Year by year this figure grows due to engaging of young perspective professionals in companies, housing construction and natural population increase.