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Western urban district

Historical background

Western district.jpg

Potential of the Western district is conditioned by its geopolitical and socioeconomic situation. The district borders Prikubanskiy and Central districts and has two entrance and exit roads of Krasnodar.

Territory of the Western urban district takes about 22 square kilometers or 4% of the whole municipal territory. It is the smallest territory in comparison with other urban districts, yet it takes the central part of Kuban capital. As of January 2012 district population composes about 170 thousand people.

Historical sites inseparably connect present time with the past: monument in memoriam of died in radiation accidents and disasters; memorable stone for Major Evskin died in Chechnya; memorial for Chepega′s square foundation; Shukhov tower; monument of Cossacks founders of Krasnodar; memorials for S.P. Zakharov, V. Suvorov, G. Ponomarenko, F.E. Dzerzhinsky,  memorial of concord and peace and many other monuments.

There are cathedrals and temples in the district territory: St. Trinity cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Military Cathedral, Christmas Temple, St.Ilyin church, temple in honor of God’s Mother icon “Gladness of All Mourners”, chapel of D. Solunsky.

Economical strength of Krasnodar city and Western district is significant. Gas and oil-producing branches, sphere of construction, retail business, market services and also communication services take leading positions in structure of district’s economy.

In the context of rapid development of technologies communication enterprises regularly carry out remanufacturing operations regarding enlargement and reconstruction of existing communication facilities as well as putting into operation new ones that eventually leads to growth of tax revenue.

On the territory of district you can find 7 market places, 12 big shopping centres: LLC “Tabris Center”, CJSC “Tander”, supermarket “Magnit semeiny”, OJSC “City-Park”, shopping centre “Gallery-Krasnodar”, supermarket “OKey”, LLC “Castorama Rus” and other.

Great amount of enterprises of trade, catering and consumer services which offer their goods and services not only for Krasnodar citizens but also buyers from Krasnodar region are concentrated in the district.

Over the last years consumers demand has substantially changed – one has raised requirements for service culture, quality and assortment of goods. One can notice increase of customers influx in organized distributing facilities which provides necessary guarantees, more complete record-keeping of commodities turnover and growth of tax revenue in budgets of all levels.

Among cultural establishments of the Western urban district are two municipal parks of culture and rest, Krasnodar state circus, “Krasnodar Philharmonic”, “Krasnodar regional Puppet theatre”, “Kuban Cossack Choir”, “Krasnodar regional art museum of F.A. Kovalenko”, cinemas “Aurora”, “Kinomax”, “City de Luxe”, eight libraries of the central municipal library system, municipal culture centre of the Western district, four children′s schools of fine art.