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A green-blue urban grid as the new breath of the city (08.02.2021)

Krasnodar took part in the first workshop of the French-Russian project "Green-blue urban grid as a basis for sustainable and smart cities", held in early February. This project was initiated by the French Federation of Landscape Architects and its official representation, with the support of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Participation of Krasnodar in the pilot French project "Green-blue Urban Grid as a basis for creation of sustainable and smart cities" will allow our city not simply to adopt experience of foreign colleagues, but also to introduce it in practice. Krasnodar has already approved a working group of specialists engaged in promoting the project. It is comprised of nine professionals from various fields.  "Green-blue Urban Grid as a Basis for Creating Sustainable and Smart Cities' is a long-term project. Residents of Krasnodar will be able not only to see but also to experience the results of such a large-scale project, which is being implemented in Russia for the first time.

Also, one of the elements in the 'Water and Green Urban Framework' programme in Krasnodar will be the erection of an 'Ephemeral Garden' in one of the city squares. The mini-project that will make Krasnodar residents take a different look at the problem of landscaping areas that are not intended for landscaping, will delight them with its aesthetics and airy French charm. The Ephemeral Garden project is to be implemented in Krasnodar in September 2022 and will coincide with the anniversary of Krasnodar's twinning with the French city of Nancy.

On the concept of a green-blue urban grid

Green-blue urban grid is a concept known almost to every Frenchman, and completely new to residents of Russia. It is not just a chaotic thoughtless planting of trees and plants, it is a carefully calculated system. Green-blue urban grid refers to a combination of interconnected urban areas with vegetation and urban water bodies, incorporated into the urban environment. This might include squares, parks, flowerbeds, rivers, reservoirs, boulevards, promenades, and lawns. The main objectives of such a framework are: to provide comfort, to create recreational areas, to optimize the microclimate, and to improve the ecology.

Date: 16 August 2021, 14:30