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Twin Cities Booster - a new project with our German partner city (23.07.2021)

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Krasnodar has been cooperating with Karlsruhe, the warmest city in the province of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, for almost thirty years now.

The citizens of Krasnodar, involved in the partnership, maintain this connection on an ongoing basis. For other citizens, both foreign cities and the idea of twinning are something very obscure and distant. Thanks to inter-city collaboration, international connections and exchanges are no longer an inaccessible privilege. This is a great opportunity to realize projects in any field.

Karlsruhe and Krasnodar are the first cities chosen to implement the Twin City Booster project in 2020. This initiative aims at deepening sister-city partnership, expanding the opportunities for civil communities and taking international cooperation to a new level. The project participants will attend several seminars organized by city administrations of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe together with the non-profit German institution “Brain and Bridges” as part of the project Twin City Lab.

What's coming up?

Members of the public will participate in special workshops (a similar event will take place in Karlsruhe at the same time).

What are the goals?

Participants are expected to find new solutions to advancing relations between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe.

When and where?

24-25 July 2021, Municipal center for business development "Platforma", 365 Severnaya St.

If you have ideas and proposals for partnership development between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe, apply for participation:


Learn more about the Twin City Booster project:


Date: 16 August 2021, 14:01