Krasnodar city has got some sister-cities – Burgas (Bulgaria), Ferrara (Italy), Tallahassee (USA), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Harbin (China). The Treaty on mutual cooperation with Nottingham city (UK) was signed in 2010, with Sukhum (Abkhazia) in 2012. Sister-city relationships of Krasnodar are developing now. Intermunicipal relationships between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe are considered to be stable and effective.

The history of the development of sister-cities relationships between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe

Every year a lot of bilateral Russian-Germany projects on various aspects are realized. 2009 year became remarkable one in the history of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe sister-cities relationships because of holding the festival «Germany Days in Krasnodar». It was the third festival and it helped to realize new mutual projects: experience exchange in the sphere of housing and communal services (the workshop for representatives of urban public transport), art of cookery (in the context of the Festival «Septemberfest»), expansion in the sphere of culture and music art (concert tour of saxophonists «Raummusik für Saxophone »).

Today the realization of bilateral programs is continued on the following aspects: school and students’ interchange, teachers’ training, medical staff probation and youth contacts.
Russian-German relationships are based on economic contacts. The expansion of bilateral relations in the sphere of small and big businesses banking is continued; the exhibition activity is hold annually. The most bright and also the traditional is the participation of Krasnodar delegation in international exhibitions that are held in Karlsruhe: «Offerta» (international exhibition of consumer goods) and «Resale» (international exhibition of used cars and equipment).

During the official visit of Krasnodar administration and business groups to the sister-city Karlsruhe, the negotiations concerning the question of further inter-municipal cooperation was held in the Economic department of Karlsruhe administration. The negotiations were participated by the first Karlsruhe burgomaster Ziegfried König and business representatives of the firms «Simon Hegele GMbH», «Hinte GMbH», «Messe Karlsruhe GMbH» and Russian architectural and engineering society. As a result of those talks, parties designated the mutual arrangements devoted to the 15th anniversary of Krasnodar-Karlsruhe partnership establishment and the 10th anniversary of sister-cities relationships of these cities.

City mental hospital and City hospital №3 got medical care package and three medical dosing tanks were sent for Perinatal centre in City hospital № 2; that was realized in terms of joint project of Eberhard-Schock Fund and Krasnodar-Karlsruhe Society and administrations of the sister-cities organized advanced training for Krasnodar specialists of sanitary engineering in Karlsruhe. Kuban State Technological University and Karlsruhe University of Technology and Economics signed an agreement about cooperation.

The great work under establishing of cooperation between the delegation of the Karlsruhe European School and Krasnodar secondary schools was accomplished.

  • The setting visit was organized for the representatives of the Karlsruhe European School to Krasnodar.
  • Krasnodar teachers of the German language and the pupils who were the winners of the German language competitions passed the training in Karlsruhe.
  • The training in neurology, gynecology and traumatology for the doctors from Krasnodar hospital № 3 was held in Karlsruhe clinic.
  • The probation period was organized for Kuban State University students in Karlsruhe Administration.
  • The visit and business negotiations were held in Krasnodar by co-leaders of Krasnodar-Karlsruhe Society Herbert Huber and Krista Keller; main trends were exhibition work, realization of training programs, medicine and so on.
  • The company “Development-Yug” took part in the exhibition «RESALE 2006» and other arrangements.


  • Negotiations with Mayor of the sister-city Tallahassee in context of the conference devoted to the 50th anniversary of formation of Sister Cities Association in the USA, Washington. As a result of the negotiations main aspects of cooperation and joint operations plan were determined.
  • The visit of the Tallahassee delegation headed by Mayor Sir John Marx to Krasnodar is organized. During the visit the official talks were held with the Head of the municipal formation Krasnodar city Vladimir Evlanov and the agreement of sister-cities relations renewal between Tallahassee and Krasnodar was signed. Today the work on strengthening of bilateral intermunicipal contacts is doing in such directions:
  • Resources of export the Kuban wines to Florida State are being studied. The support was provided for establishing direct contacts between American and Kuban wineries CJSC AF «Myskhako», OJSC «Aurora», OJSC AF «Fanagoria», CJSC «Abrau-Dyurso», CJSC «Novokubanskoye».
  • The training for doctors of Regional clinical hospital №1 in Tallahassee Cardiological centre is worked out.
  • The assistance in establishing the direct contacts between the journalists from the newspapers «Tallahassee Democrat» and «Krasnodarskiye Izvestia» is provided.
  • The opportunity of friendly rugby games organization in Tallahassee and Florida State is considering now.


  • The visit of Burgas delegation headed by the first city′s vice-Mayor Mr Karamanov to Krasnodar was organized. During the visit the official talks with the Head of the municipal formation Krasnodar city Vladimir Evlanov were held and the ways of further cooperation were determined.
  • According to the Plan of Business meetings of Federal Security Service of Russia Frontier Service with foreign partners in 2006, assistance in visit organization of delegation of Federal Security Service of Krasnodar region Frontier Service to Burgas was provided.
  • The Days of Bulgaria in Krasnodar were held from 21 till 24 April 2007. More than 200 firms were taking part in holding of cultural events, exhibitions.

Among other events:

  • The negotiations with Mr. Mustafov, the Chief of Association for economic and social cooperation between Bulgaria and Russia were held. It concerned the question of holding «The Days of Economics and Culture of Bulgaria»;
  • The negotiations with Mr. Smirnov, the deputy of the Chief of Association for economic and social cooperation between Bulgaria and Russia and representatives of administration of the sister-ciy Burgas.


  • The initiative letter concerning the renewal and strengthening of the mutual relationship was made up and sent to Ferrara mayor Mr Sateriale;
  • The pupils of specialized youth sports school №1 considered to be the Olympic reserve of Krasnodar city are going to take part in the culture exchange program which is realized among Russian and Italian children in Rimini (Italy). All necessary documents are forwarded to Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and governmental department of secondary and vocational education.


To develop partners’ municipal foreign relationships with Harbin City (China People Republic) the following steps are planned:

  • The official delegation of the municipal formation Krasnodar city administration took part in the official opening of the Russian Year in China and the 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow Festival (CPR);
  • The Protocol of intentions for establishing of friendship relations and bilateral cooperation between Harbin People Government and administration of the municipal formation Krasnodar city was worked out;
  • The presentation of Krasnodar city was held together with China and the Department of economic development, investments and foreign affairs during economic conference in Harbin;
  • According to the Protocol of intentions for establishing of friendship relations between Harbin and Krasnodar the business talks of Russian and Harbin specialists are held for the purpose of establishment the direct contacts of leading enterprises in the sphere of building and city planning (13 – 18 February 2006).