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Excursion programs

Administration of Krasnodar City municipal formation welcomes you in our city! To get to know about capital of Krasnodar Region to the full extent we offer you to choose from several excursion and cultural programs.

General sightseeing tour “Get acquainted: Krasnodar”

Krasnodar is not only cultural, historical, administrative and business centre of Krasnodar Region. Krasnodar is the multifaced southern city where local Kuban traditions are remarkably coupled with tempo of modern living. The city is situated equally apart from the equator and North Celestial Pole. Montreal, Venice and Yellowstone National Park are approximately on the same latitude as Krasnodar. Having got together near to Catherine the Great monument we go to the place where the history of our city took its origin in 1793 and where Yekaterinodar fort was founded. Here you will get to learn stories about first Cossacks settlers, about their traditions, original and vivid culture of this freedom-loving people.

Also you will learn about the main street of Krasnodar that carefully keeps the city history. Having driven along the street you have the opportunity to look at old landmarks preserved to these days and compare them with modern constructions and abuilding objects at Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya Street at the end of excursion.


“Yekaterinodar is the Cossacks city”

The history of Krasnodar keeps a number of names and dates related to Kuban Cossacks. By the stone where Yekaterinodar fort was situated you will hear the story about first Black Sea Cossacks settlers, when observing the house of ataman Bursak and Army Saint Trinity temple learn about the fate of ancient Cossacks antiquities.


“Cupolas over the city”

Russia and Eastern Orthodoxy have been coupled for more than 1000 years. Since olden times Kuban Cossacks keep up the traditions of Orthodoxy. Cathedrals, churches, temples (Saint Trinity temple, Army Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Catherine’s Cathedral, Saint Elias church and the Sacred Great-martyr Conqueror George church, church in the name of the God’s Mother icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”, chapel on the site of White Army Alexander Nevsky Cathedral), Memorial cross with names of Cyril and Methodius also make the image of Krasnodar. Participating in “Cupolas over the city” excursion you learn when and why these monuments were installed, about saints, icons and other holy things of Christianity, about order of church service and about church holidays.


“Krasnodar architecture”

It includes buildings of the end ХIХ and beginning ХХ centuries. Mariinsky Women’s Institute, Winter Theatre, the Bogorsukovs house, Shardanov’s private residence, mutual loan society House, Church of “Joy of All Who Sorrow” icon situated in the central part of Yekaterinodar. You will study works of remarkable architects – I. Malberg, A. Kozlov, N. Malama, F. Fillipov, A. Kosyakin and others.


“Literary Krasnodar”

Livings of many great people were concerned with the capital of Kuban, e.g. livings of writers and historians – Ya. Kukharenko, F. Shcherbin (wrote “The history of Kuban Cossacks Army”), I. Popko (historian and serviceman), archpriest K. Rossinsky, Uspensky and Serafimovich, Fedor Gladkov and S. Marshak, Stepanov and Fedoseev…

1820. Alexander Pushkin’s arrival in Kuban.

1920 – Vladimir Mayakovsky gave a performance in Yekaterinodar; he also paid poetic tribute to our city. Creative work of living Kuban writers and poets: Viktor Likhonosov, Vitaly Bardadym, Kronid Obojshchikov, Vitaly Bakaldin, Ivan Varavva. Kuban folklore, Kuban Cossacks Choir, Literature Museum of Kuban (House of Kukharenko and Bursak) are also presented in the excursion program.

  • Duration of an excursion: 2,5-3 hours
  • Kuban River trips
  • Route length: 14 km
  • Duration: 1-1,5 hours
  • Period of excursions carrying out: from April to November.

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy fascinating journey down Kuban River along its embankment, to see aul Starobzhegokai, Yubileinyy microdistrict, Christmas Temple till Christmas Park going by motor ships “Kuban” and “Don”.

During the journey you can make use of services of café “Breeze” that is on the lower deck of “Kuban” motor ship.

Contact numbers of the department of image policy and toursim: +7(861)259-48-12, +7(861)259-49-19.