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Krasnodar souvenirs


Krasnodar is a cultural center of the Russian South. Every tourist who has ever visited this city would surely take its small part — souvenir that will remind you about your unforgettable vacations.

Warmly welcoming Krasnodar can offer everybody to buy keepsakes for any taste and budget. For many years souvenirs will remind you about the time beautifully spent in the regional center of the Russian South.

There is wide selection of souvenirs hand made by skillful masters: gifts, interior items, souvenir magnets, glass figurines, pottery, wickerwork, wood handicrafts, ceramics and kitchenware, and etc.

Colorful souvenirs of Cossack attributes convey distinctive flavor of the main Kuban city. These items are very popular. Books and postcards referring to the history of Yekaterinodar-Krasnodar and many other things will help you to get known the city.

Here you can get more information about souvenir shops of Krasnodar:

Retail chain of Kuban souvenirs “Kuban manufacturing center”

Tel: +7 (988) 246-03-26; +7 (861) 259-95-49

E-mail address: kptc.kuban@yandex.ru

Shops addresses:

Krasnodar, St Golovatogo 313

Krasnodar, St Krasnaya 106

Krasnodar, St Bershanskaya 355 (airport of Krasnodar)

Krasnodar, St Karasunskaya 162

Kuban souvenir shop “Eureka”

Address: Krasnodar, St 40 Let Pobedy 34

Tel: +7 (918) 470-05-27

Kuban souvenir shop “Papa Carlo”

Address: Krasnodar, St Krasnaya 176 (pavilions 101,111)

Tel: +7 (918) 462-39-07; +7 (918) 006-66-17