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The anthem of Krasnodar

The anthem of the municipal formation Krasnodar City (lyrics S.N.Khokhlov, music V.G. Zakharchenko)


Praised, praised, the majestic city!

Don’t demean the Cossack honour.

In hour of discontent and grief

Save the mother Russia.



You are frank as the Russian heart

For us you are the glorious gift of God.

You are our daily bread and prayer.

Krasnodar, you are the soul of Kuban!


We’ll never tired to glorify you.

We’ll work the great deeds

Above the capital of sunny Kuban

The bells are ringing every day.



Today we build our future,

We reserve the orders of our forefathers

And not in vein our city is favoured

With honour to be among the best cities