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The solo exhibition of British watercolourist Andrew Lucas in Russia opens for the first time. Before the start of exhibition, the first Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar Vitaliy Kosenko met with the author of the paintings in Krasnodar City Hall.

On the day of opening of the exhibition devoted to Japanese culture, the Krasnodar City Hall held an official reception of the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Moscow, Chief of the department for relations with the parliament, the group of international cooperation Isidze Motoyuki.

Cultural event will be held on September 22 at the square in front of the building of Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly as part of celebrations dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the city foundation. An open-air stage will be organized at the square. Everyone is welcome to see performances of the festival participants.

At the meeting, the Mayor of regional capital awarded the authors of street paintings created on the walls of city buildings before the opening of the World Cup. Also they discussed new projects of street art, which will be implemented in the regional center in the near future.

The Centre for Contemporary Art "Typography" has developed and presented to the Mayor of the city Evgeny Pervyshov the catalogue of installations and art-objects for assembling in public city spaces of the regional center. The authors of all works are the Krasnodar sculptors.

The performance of German musicians Marcus Kappis and Ellen Becht was held in Krasnodar municipal concert hall for organ and chamber music within the sister city relations of Krasnodar and Karlsruhe. The concert was attended by Mayor of Kuban capital Evgeny Pervyshov and Mayor of Karlsruhe Frank Mentrup.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the sister city relations between Krasnodar and Karlsruhe, and also prior to the City Day museum of Kovalenko gave start to the joint project of art museums of the two cities. The opening ceremony was attended by the delegation of the Association of Friendship of Karlsruhe-Krasnodar.

On Sunday, 20 August, the final promenade concert of the Kuban symphony orchestra of Krasnodar creative association "Premiere" was held in the City Garden park. The Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervyshov with his children came to view the outdoor concert.

Today solemn opening ceremony of the commemorative plaque in honour of the great Russian painter Ilya Yefimovich Repin was held in Pashkovskiy residential district of Krasnodar. Head of Karasunskiy urban district administration Nikolay Khropov, Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly deputy Vladimir Gromov, deputies of Krasnodar City Duma, well-known painter Gennady Kvashura participated in the event.

Exhibition complex “Ataman” celebrated commemorative date – the 224th anniversary of first Black Sea Cossacks landing at Taman. Annual festival brought together representatives of all municipalities of Krasnodar Region and the capital of Kuban. Krasnodar’s delegation was led by Acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev.

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