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Following the results of three days work at International Investment Forum “Sochi-2016” the delegation of Krasnodar concluded agreements on implementation of investment projects in various spheres of economy and conducted a range of important negotiations with potential domestic and foreign investors.

The meeting was held in the talks area of Krasnodar within Krasnodar Region pavilion. They discussed the prospects for the extension of Leroy Merlin Company in the capital of Kuban and the opening of new Leroy Merlin store.

Today an agreement on the construction near Krasnodar the third shopping center of world known market brand was signed within the framework of the XV International Investment Forum in Sochi.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak estimated the potential of the capital of Kuban at International Investment Forum in Sochi. He walked round the exposition of Krasnodar Region together with Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev. In particular, they discussed the development of Eastern Industrial Zone of Krasnodar.

Today going over exhibition pavilions of XV International Investment Forum in Sochi Governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratiev estimated an exposition of Krasnodar Region which among others included Krasnodar’s stand. Veniamin Kondratiev got acquainted with one of presented projects – the reconstruction of Avrora cinema.

Today’s pressing topic – the development of consumer market of the region and support of local producers’ goods – was in the agenda of plenary session led by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev via a video conference. The conference work was participated by Acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev.

Today the results of social and economic development of the capital of Kuban in the first half-year 2016 were summed up at the working meeting chaired by Acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev in Krasnodar City Hall.

Representatives of business community of Kuban Region and Krasnodar are invited to take part in the 5th interregional Russian-Armenian forum which will be held in the capital of Armenia with the participation of both countries Presidents in September 2016.

The output for the first quarter 2016 in different branches of Kuban capital economy was reviewed today during the 63rd session of Board of Directors on a voluntary basis. Vladimir Evlanov reported on the results of first three months.

The Russian-Chinese business forum of small and medium businesses will be held in period May 30-31 in Sochi.

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