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74 percent of Krasnodar citizens consider the capital of Kuban to be comfortable city in terms of inter-ethnic relations

Today’s session of inter-departmental commission affiliated to the city Head took up the questions of preventing extremism and harmonization of inter-ethnic relations.

— Inter-ethnic environment within the city is rather stable; however we should not be complacent with the results obtained. All these issues ought to be under our unfaltering watch, the work should be carried out on a constant and systematic basis. We need cooperate with the community, representatives of ethnic diasporas, law-enforcement authorities, scientists and experts in the sphere, — Vladimir Evlanov remarked.

Members of inter-ethnic commission elaborated on questions of implementation of State national policy strategy at the territory of Krasnodar. Deputy Chief of the department of public relations of the city administration Andrey Berezin informed that there are some programs in the city aimed to support stable social and political situation and cooperation in interethnic sphere. Additionally, social and informational center of Krasnodar, Center for the development of Cossacks culture traditions function within the city.

The city also hosts a variety of arrangements focused on harmonization of inter-ethnic relations — festivals, research-to-practice conferences, roundtables. Since the beginning of the year, 26 such events have been conducted in Krasnodar.

A great attention is paid to adaptation of foreign students who study in higher educational institutions of Krasnodar. They are involved into the work of clubs of international friendship, holding festivals and holidays of national cultures. Now the Council of foreign communities resumes activities in the city.

Sociological studies of inter-ethnic relations are perpetually held in Krasnodar to anticipate major trends, call attention to points of tension, timely take measures to eliminate these tensions. Generally, Krasnodar citizens welcome interethnic situation in the city. 74 percent of citizens consider Krasnodar to be a comfortable city for living in terms of inter-ethnic relations. Studies have been carried out by the department of sociology of Kuban State University.

Besides that, until the end of 2015 a range of other studies on the subject will be conducted in the capital of Kuban. According to Professor of KubSU, PhD in sociology Temyr Khagurov, extremist and xenophobic attitudes among young people will be analyzed; experts, representatives of power, law-enforcement authorities, scientists and journalists will be also interviewed to that end. 

Another goal of studies is to find out disposition and regard to inter-ethnic relations from migrants, representatives of national and ethnic groups themselves.

— These studies are very important as they allow us to know better the situation and develop long-term strategy in such a difficult sphere as interethnic relations are, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

Inter-departmental commission was found in July 2012. It includes Chiefs of the departments of Krasnodar administration, Heads of urban districts, representatives of Federal Migration Service Directorate of Russia in Krasnodar Region, Federal Security Service Directorate of Russia in Krasnodar Region, Ministry of Interior Affairs Directorate of Russia in Krasnodar, members of the public.

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