Sergey Galitskiy: CJSC “Tander” will construct an industrial park in Krasnodar

About 9 billion roubles will be invested in the construction of the first stage which includes 14 factories. Relevant investment agreement was signed at Forum “Sochi-2015”.

— In its scale and significance the investment project can become a defining one in the area of investment activity and industrial development of Krasnodar in the closest years. The creation of modern factories of CJSC “Tander”, one of backbone enterprises of the capital of Kuban, will make it possible to increase the local output greatly. First of all it relates to food and industrial products which promote the import substitution. Besides that, while putting new factories into operation Krasnodar gains new jobs, taxes and becomes even more attractive and business-friendly city, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

The signing took place in a roundtables hall of Sochi Media Center. In the presence of Chairman of the Russian Federation Government Dmitry Medvedev the agreement was completed by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev and founder and owner of the biggest domestic retail chain “Magnit” Sergey Galitskiy.

 Within the framework of the project CJSC “Tander” is going to construct an industrial park consisting of food, industrial and agricultural outputs in Karasunskiy urban district of Krasnodar on the area about 517 ha. Land-and-legal documentation is being completed now.

When looking at Krasnodar’s stand which provides the model of future industrial park Sergey Galitskiy told that the project is planned to be implemented in three phases: I phase — 2016-2018, II phase — 2018-2019 and III phase — 2019-2020.

In Krasnodar our company has low representation in industrial segment, so we will readily invest in the construction of a range of manufactures within the city. In the first phase we will create 14 factories. I will not get so far ahead. When new factories will be put into operation and work for some years, then we’ll talk about results and make further plans, — Sergey Galitskiy said.

As part of the first stage of the work 9 billion roubles will be invested in land plot development of total area 146 ha. There CJSC “Tander” will launch 14 factories. Twelve of them — food factories, the two latter – industrial factory (household chemicals production) and agricultural factory of champignons growing and compost production. Along with that Sergey Galitskiy stated that apart from the factories themselves his company will construct all necessary infrastructures for the functioning of future enterprises.

There will be confectionery plant, production of fancy baked goods, dry breakfast cereals and snacks, paste goods and ice-creams, bakery products, fish and fish products, canned vegetables and fruits, frozen vegetables and fruits, tea and coffee packing factory, integrated complex of frozen uncooked food, production of dry feed for animal.

Own production will make it possible for CJSC “Tander” to control the quality of delivered goods better and widen the range of food and industrial products.

The development of created industrial capacities will be continued in II and III phases.

The main activity of CJSC “Tander” is a retail trade in food products, perfumes and cosmetics, household chemicals, clothes, utensil and other everyday goods.

“Magnit” retail chain is a leading food products retail chain in Russia. As of the date of June 30, 2015 the retail chain consisted of 10 728 shops including 8890 shops in the format “Home shop”, 201 hypermarkets, 110 shops “Magnit Family” and 1527 “Magnit Cosmetics”. “Magnit” retail chain shops are situated in 2 233 settlements of Russia. Total number of the company staff is nearly 260 000 people.

As of the date of June 30, 2015 the company runs its own logistic system comprising 29 modern distribution centers and a vehicle fleet of 5926 automobiles. In 2014 the company’s revenue was 764 billion roubles.

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