Vladimir Evlanov: Krasnodar has signed 27 agreements for a total amount of 70 billion roubles at Forum “Sochi-2015”

At the briefing Vladimir Evlanov summed up the results of Krasnodar delegation’s participation in International Investments Forum in Sochi. Head of the capital of Kuban told about new big investment projects which will be implemented in Krasnodar in the following years and answered questions of journalists.

— This year at the stage of preparing for the Forum we have changed the subject of agreements in some way — we put emphasis on the development of industrial sector, engineering and social infrastructure. This is what the city needs most; the comfort living of Krasnodar citizens depends on it. I guess that the present Forum is very successful for Krasnodar in this regard, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

The talk with journalists lasted about an hour. The briefing was participated by representatives of TV-channel “Krasnodar”, newspaper “Argumenty i Facty-Yug” and informational agencies “RBK” and “Interfaks”.    

Among concluded agreements Vladimir Evlanov pointed out an investment project of CJSC “Tander” under which it is planned to create in Krasnodar an industrial park occupying an area of 517 ha and consisting of food and industrial productions. Investments in the first stage videlicet the construction of 14 factories will make nearly 9 billion roubles.

Head of Krasnodar also pinpointed another perspective project responding to the times which is now being implemented in Krasnodar by LLC “Vegetables of Krasnodar Region” (the city of Belorechensk). In the course of two years within the area of Eastern detour the investor will construct the logistic center for storing and selling vegetables. The center will be equipped with cold storage boxes designed for simultaneous storing 5-6 tons vegetables.

Vladimir Evlanov remarked agreements in the sphere of social infrastructure development. Particularly, in the capital of Kuban LLC “Investstroy” will construct 7 football arenas of FC “Krasnodar”, where young athletes will be able to go in for football with professional coaches.

As in previous years, projects in the sphere of residential construction made the major part of investment portfolio of Krasnodar.

— In spite of the fact that at this very time we adapt the work of developers, toughen the requirements for housing construction activity in the matter of provision with all necessary infrastructures, we have signed a number of agreements on the construction of residential estates. I particularly note that it is integrated development of territories — with social facilities, parkings, urban land improvement, utility system. It means that there must be comfortable environment for future residents, — Vladimir Evlanov said.

In particular, “OBD-Invest” will construct residential estate “Kubanskiy” with all necessary social facilities and infrastructure which is to become a part of developing Moskovskiy microdistrict in Krasnodar.

Among investment projects of a social nature Head of Krasnodar also placed emphasis on the agreement with LLC “Europea”. Within three following years under the project at the territory of residential estate “Europea” the developer will erect two kindergartens for 320 children totally.   

Answering journalists’ questions Vladimir Evlanov also told that Krasnodar delegation held a range of meetings and talks with potential investors both domestic and from abroad. Particularly, there was a meeting with representatives of “METRO Cash & Carry” Company. The parties discussed prospects for the opening of second small-scale wholesale trade center in Krasnodar.

- Shanghai’s investors have also addressed a proposal to us to construct a medical equipment plant in Krasnodar. This is just first contacts. But I don’t rule out the possibility of further meetings to negotiate the details of perspective cooperation, - Vladimir Evlanov stated.

Summing up the results of Krasnodar delegation’s work at the Forum “Sochi-2015” Vladimir Evlanov stated that just for two days Krasnodar had signed 27 agreements for a total amount of 70 billion roubles. Head of the capital of Kuban also underlined that all the signed agreements are scrupulously prepared and highly elaborated.         

It is to be recalled that the Forum “Sochi-2015” takes place from the 1st to 4th October. For the second time it is held in exhibition and presentation center “Sochi Expocenter” (Main Media Center) at the territory of Olympic park in the Imereti lowland. Krasnodar delegation is led by the city Head Vladimir Evlanov.

Business program of this year included plenary session under the theme “Back to growth. Strategy for Russia” with participation of Chairman of the Russian Federation Government Dmitry Medvedev, a range of panel discussions and roundtables, Sberbank business breakfast, masterclasses, debates, working seminars, case studies and brainstorms.

Krasnodar takes part in International Economic Forum “Sochi” since 2002, the first year it was held.

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