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Krasnodar, Karlsruhe and Nancy have ratified the Treaty on trilateral cooperation

The official entry into force of the tripartite Treaty between Krasnodar, Karlsruhe (Germany) and Nancy (France) took place in the municipal hall. The sister-city Agreement between Krasnodar and Nancy was also enacted. The ceremony was participated by the Mayors Evgeny Pervyshov, Frank Mentrup and Laurent Hénart.

"Today we are ratifying the unique Treaty on trilateral cooperation between Krasnodar, Nancy and Karlsruhe signed a year ago, and the sister city Agreement with Nancy, which was also signed last autumn. And we do it with good reason, because the past year was filled with many successfully implemented projects in various fields and areas. I am sure this event will be a new stage in the implementation of joint projects, the purpose of which is peace, friendship and mutual understanding between the residents of our cities," said Evgeny Pervyshov.

The ratification ceremony of the Agreement and the Treaty was also attended by the Chairwoman of the city Duma of Krasnodar Vera Galushko, Deputy Mayors of the regional centre, representatives of delegations from Karlsruhe and Nancy.

The Oberburgermeister of Karlsruhe Frank Mentrup recalled that sister-city relations with Krasnodar, which have been developing for more than a quarter of a century, are marked at a high level: In Berlin, September this year, the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Germany handed Frank Mentrup and Evgeny Pervyshov the certificate of honor for significant contribution to the development of regional-municipal cooperation between the two countries. 

"Today, by ratifying this Agreement, we confirm the seriousness of this partnership. This is a great gift to us, the people of Karlsruhe, and at the same time — a great contribution to the understanding between the peoples of Russia, Germany and France, which extends far beyond our cities," said Frank Mentrup.

Karlsruhe and Nancy are linked with strong partnership relations for more than 60 years. In 2015, during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Karlsruhe, the parties came up with the idea of building a network of sister cities. Then Krasnodar and Nancy took the first steps towards each other. And in 2017 it was decided to conclude a sister-city Agreement. 

Before ratification of the Agreement, the Mayor of Nancy, Minister in the resignation, Laurent Hénart congratulated all people present on the fact that Krasnodar has became a city of over one million.
"I hope that our cooperation will develop in the field of science and medicine, industry and digital technologies, as well as bring much useful for young people of the two cities. This cooperation requires a lot of work, and we all have to contribute to it — not only the leaders of cities, but also ordinary citizens," said Laurent Hénart.

The joint statement of Karlsruhe and Krasnodar on the establishment of friendly relations was signed in 1992, and in 1997 the parties signed the sister cities Agreement. More than 25 years of friendship and cooperation between Karlsruhe and Krasnodar resulted in regular student exchanges, doctors internships and other joint projects.

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