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Krasnodar is first among the largest cities of the Southern Federal District in terms of investments

The city department of economic development, investments and external affairs conducted a comparative analysis of the development indicators of the capitals of the SFD subjects for the first half of 2018. Krasnodar is leading in 13 of 34 estimated positions.

"Comparative analysis gives an idea of the competitive development of the economy of Krasnodar against the background of the largest SFD cities. This allows us to assess the situation in other cities, identify strengths and weaknesses of the development, vectors of further growth. According to the results of the first half of 2018, the regional center showed good results in many areas. At the moment, Krasnodar is the leader in 13 comparative indicators out of 34," said Director of the department of economic development, investment and foreign affairs Elena Vasilchenko.

The city department of economic development, investments and external affairs specified that the comparative analysis of the main indicators of social and economic development of administrative centers of the SFD subjects — Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Maikop, Volgograd, Elista and Astrakhan — is carried out regularly on the basis of data provided by the Federal State Statistics Service (FSSS).

The Federal State Statistics Service for the Krasnodar Region and the Republic of Adygea (Krasnodarstat) provides Krasnodar's department with the data on 34 indicators of socio-economic development. Then the department makes inquiries about similar information on 34 positions in statistical agencies of other subjects of the Southern Federal District. Having obtained all the data it carries out the comparative analysis. On average, this data is formed in 2-3 months after each quarter, as it takes time to process the information. Therefore, the results of the comparative analysis of the SFD largest cities for the first half of the year are released in the beginning of November.

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