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Germany will share own experience in the field of energy-saving technologies with Krasnodar

Mobile multimedia exhibition "New trends in power industry and energy efficiency in Germany" opened on September 22 as part of celebration of Krasnodar City Day in Krasnodar Historical and Archaeological Museum of E.D.Felitsyn. The exhibition will acquaint citizens of Krasnodar with the experience of implementing energy-saving technologies in Germany.

"Cooperation between Germany and Krasnodar has long been successfully developing in different areas thanks to our sister-city relations with the city of Karlsruhe. I think that the German projects related to the sustainable use of electricity are also very interesting, and we can learn much useful data from this exhibition. After all, Germany is one of the world leaders in the field of energy efficiency, and we have much to learn," said Vice-Mayor of the city Evgeny Zimenko.

The exhibition opening was also attended by representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CEO of CLAAS plant in Krasnodar Ralph Bendish.

The exhibition is devoted to one of the most important projects of the German future — the so-called "energy turn", which is intended to completely change the structure of the country's energy supply by switching to renewable energy sources and continuous improvement of energy efficiency. The exhibition includes three sensor stands with video installations, which demonstrate the development plan of the energy supply system in Germany until 2050.

The organizers were the German Society for International cooperation GmbH on behalf of the German Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Interactive and textual information on the stands is presented in German, but visitors can download the presentation in the Russian language via the QR-code link.

The exhibition first opened in Beijing in April 2016, since then it has been presented in more than 25 countries around the world.

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