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The exhibition «Dolls and festivals of Japan» opened in Krasnodar

On the day of opening of the exhibition devoted to Japanese culture, the Krasnodar City Hall held an official reception of the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Moscow, Chief of the department for relations with the parliament, the group of international cooperation Isidze Motoyuki.

"It is very important and significant for us that such a unique project has been implemented in Krasnodar. It will allow residents and guests of the city to learn more about Japanese culture. Such exhibitions, festivals and other international cultural events help us to get to know each other and strengthen cultural ties. We are sincerely grateful for the decision to hold the exhibition here, for bringing a "piece of Japan" to Krasnodar. I am sure we still have a lot of projects that will allow our countries to develop bilateral relations," said Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar Sergey Luzinov.

He also added that over the past few years, the regional capital has already held exhibitions devoted to the culture of the land of the rising sun.

The meeting was also attended by the chief of the city department of culture Irina Lukinskaya and director of the Japanese center "Kaizen" Olga Andreeva.

"2018 was declared a cross-year of Russia and Japan. And I can say that many joint bilateral projects in various spheres have been implemented. Many of them affect the cultural sector, including our exhibition. The slogan of the year of Japan in Russia is: "There is the Japan that you don't know" and I hope that this exposition will help the residents of your city and region to better understand the traditions and culture of our country, to see how the Japanese people live and what cherish," said Isize Motoyuki.

The exhibition project, which is organized by the Embassy of Japan in Russia, works in the Krasnodar regional art museum of F.A. Kovalenko.

Among the exhibits there are a few dozen dolls, which are made in different styles and techniques: ichimatsu dolls representing children, porcelain dolls, folk toys, dolls-protective amulets, dolls decorating the home and used for children's festivals.

The exhibition is complemented by samples of Japanese clothing: wedding and everyday kimono, festive children's outfits, obi belts of a few meters long; shoes geta and zori. The exhibition's supervisor is Marina Golomidova. She is the famous Russian science communicator, holder of the highest award of Japan — the order of the Rising Sun.

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