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Alexander Mikheev: Krasnodar is going to strengthen economic links with Karlsruhe

In the course of working visit in the German sister city of Krasnodar delegation of the capital of Kuban will hold several official meetings and participate in opening of International Consumer Exhibition Fair Offerta-2016, in business and cultural events. The delegation is led by acting Head of Krasnodar Alexander Mikheev and Chairwoman of Krasnodar City Duma Vera Galushko.

— Together with our German colleagues we are to discuss the results of the joint work in this year and agree upon future plans, high-priority issues of our following cooperation. The development of economic ties between the cities is still the center of our attention. In the next year we suppose to organize a business-trip in Krasnodar for Karlsruhe’s companies that are interested in cooperation with Krasnodar enterprises, — Alexander Mikheev said.

Krasnodar’s delegation also includes representatives of the city administration, deputy corps and resource providers of the capital of Kuban.

Official events have already taken place within the framework of the visit of Krasnodar’s delegation. Particularly, as part of cultural exchange projects the City Hall of Karlsruhe hosted ceremonial opening of the photo exhibition “City through the eyes of youth” that was first presented on City Day of Krasnodar this year. Exhibit photographic pictures were made by the youth of three cities: Krasnodar, Karlsruhe (FRG) and sister city of Karlsruhe — the French Nancy. At the official events delegation from Krasnodar was welcomed by Karlsruhe’s Oberburgermeister Frank Mentrup.

In his speech Alexander Mikheev highlighted the importance of bilateral contacts of two cities which will celebrate 25th anniversary of sister city relations in the next year. He stated that friendly and business ties between two cities continue to develop successfully and that they had implemented many joint projects in different spheres — healthcare, education, sport and culture.

Acting Head of Krasnodar also said that from 27 to 30 June 2017 Krasnodar will host a landmark event — the 14th conference of sister cities of Russia and Germany. Alexander Mikheev emphasized that in sensitive international environment the conference is of particular importance for the evolvement of dialogue, establishing new contacts and giving impetus to the further cooperation in different spheres and areas, first of all — economy, culture and youth policy.

— The program of a visit of our delegation is very full. Apart from the scheduled meetings we met with representatives of the French city Nancy, the sister city of Karlsruhe, and talked over plans on implementing joint projects. Among the considered projects is the collaboration of healthcare establishments of Krasnodar and Medical University of Nancy, including contacts in the sphere of cardiovascular surgery, — Alexander Mikheev said.

Head of Kuban capital’s delegation informed — in the course of meetings Krasnodar and Nancy confirmed the agreement about sister city relations. The agreement is to be signed in 2017 as part of celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Krasnodar-Karlsruhe sister city relations.

Besides that, the delegation of regional center had the meeting with members of Karlsruhe-Krasnodar Friendship Association which was also participated by two former Oberburgermeisters of Karlsruhe. The participants conferred together the implementation of joint projects in youth policy and sport. Separate meetings were held by resource providers and managing companies. Members of Krasnodar delegation visited premises of housing and utility companies of Karlsruhe. One of the issues raised was the possibility to realize in Krasnodar new generation of polymeric compounds made of waste recycling products.

Offerta is annually held in the end of October – the beginning of November in a township of Rheinstetten within the territorial borders of Karlsruhe where one of the biggest in Europe Exhibition Center Messe Karlsruhe situates. The key themes of exhibit are consumer goods and services in the sphere of agriculture, industry, tourism, recreation, cookery, construction, sport, commercial art and design, fashion, household appliances, automobile manufacturing. The exhibition fair has been held since 1972.

Among permanent participants are enterprises, farms and private entrepreneurs of Baden-Württemberg Region which includes Karlsruhe. In the course of exhibition they traditionally make their presentations, demonstrate achievements and inventions. Every year delegations of sister cities and partners of Karlsruhe are invited to visit the fair.

Karlsruhe is a city in Germany, Baden-Württemberg Region, situated in the vicinity of the River Rheine near to the French-German border. Its population is about 300 thousand people.

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